Possible...falling in love with hubby even more...

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  1. After 16 years of marriage, 2 sons together...plus him being an amazing dad (no step qualifier needed) to my oldest son, I think I fell in love with my hubby even more tonight.

    Tonight after Emily ate DH took her and said, "Why don't you go relax and take a bath"....now that's wonderful, but not as wonderful as what I could hear from my bath....DH playing with Emily and talking to her just as naturally as he has with the boys all these years.

    My heart swelled as I could hear him go into her room and 'play' dolls with her....showing her the dolls and making up names for them on the spot and 'speaking' for them in a sing-song voice, "Hi Emily, my name is Amanda". I don't know where the names came from: Amanda, Patricia, Gertude and Melissa...he made up little stories too..."My hands are stuck in handshake mode...ouch", "I have a big coat on, I just flew in from England", "oh look, my eyes open and close...open and close...but I am a good girl and they stay closed all night."

    I know he is amazing dad...but he is such a guy's guy, I never thought I would hear him play with dolls.
  2. What a precious, beautiful man you have Tink. :smile:
  3. awwww *heart melts*
  4. My husband plays Barbies with our daughter more often than I do! My dad is a wonderful father but he did not play with me, ever. It melts my heart to pieces when DH and DD play together like that, so I know exactly how you feel.
  5. That is so sweet. I've told my husband several times that one of my favorite sites in the whole world is watching him play with our kids. That's so neat Tink.

    You know, maybe that should be a thread starter. There's the why our SO is so great on the Relationships forum, how about we start a "why our SO's are such great parents!"
  6. This warmed my heart.
  7. Awwwww! :love: how sweet!! Sounds like you've got a real keeper!
  8. that is really very sweet!! i hope my dh plays with our lil girl like that...and im sure that he will! you have a great man there.
  9. That's sooo sweet! I can't wait to witness the same thing myself...:love: My DH does it with our dog...he loves on her on her soooo much, I know he will love on his princess even more!
  10. That is one of the cutest things I've read in a while!!!! I seriously can't wait to see my DH with our baby girl. He's always been an amazing dad to our son but ever since we found out we're having a girl, he's just psyched! I can't wait to see him be "mushy" with her.:tender:
  11. Aww tink that's so sweet. :love:
  12. Who'd have tought that little Emily could have a big ol' man's man wrapped around her tiny little finger? Very sweet story, Tink. Thank you for sharing it.
  13. That was so great to read.
    It made me well with tears.
    Sounds like you have been blessed in so many ways..
  14. ahhhhhhhhhhh that is sooooo cute. What a sweet thing for him to do
  15. How cute!