Possible Explanation for the Price Increases!

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  1. excellent article
    bottom line, the price increase = capitalism at its finest
  2. I wonder if it is a bit more than capitalism ... but I am afraid my thoughts are a bit too controversial ... let's just say that perhaps some of he luxury houses are trying to keep to a certain clientele? JMO that is all ...
  3. Good article, thank you.
  4. That is a great article. it is the one Maxter has as her signature!
  5. Thanks for the article. It was an interesting read.
  6. very interesting article indeed...
  7. Didn't realize it was already on someone's signature! Perhaps the post will lead more people to the article and think about the price hikes!
  8. wow great read! i enjoyed it thankyou :smile:
  9. The article was an interesting read; however, have you noticed how all those $14,000 bags are hideous?!

    I am not settling (happiness) for the cheaper 2k bag beccause it's more affordable, it's because it's about 10 times more beautiful than the 14k one.
  10. thanks for the interesting read
  11. Interesting read, thanks
  12. I just read in a newspaper article that the profit on high-end handbags is 10-12 TIMES the cost of making the bag. For LV, it's 13x. There's no real reason to keep raising prices other than to maintain profits. Muicca Prada commented on how easy it was to make money on their handbag line.
  13. Nice article..and Harley I agree with you--in fact I have thought the same thing...lulilu--I have often thought of this many times myself--how much profit these design houses make off of our hard earned money!
  14. Thank you! :yes: