Possible ectopic pregnancy... possible to save it?

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  1. I'm about in my 3rd week (since my ovulation date) and I observed two mornings of sharply falling waking temperatures along with some moderate cramping. I grew concerned since TCOYF taught me that falling waking temps may be a sign of a possible miscarriage.

    I went to see the doctor today and got my very first ultrasound. My doctor showed me the tiny sac in my uterus, with the fallopian tubes to the right and left. Everything seemed ok, but my bloodwork hadn't come back yet at that time.

    This evening I received a call from her and she said my pregnancy hormone level is high (which is great!) but they're REALLY high. She said she would've expected to see more in the ultrasound for levels that high, and she's concerned this could be an ectopic pregnancy.

    Hopefully she'll get my name onto a list tomorrow (Sat) to get a high quality ultrasound done so they can confirm what we saw today - that the baby is indeed growing in the uterus, where it should be!

    So, I was wondering... has anybody who found out they had an ectopic pregnancy been able to preserve the fetus?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. ectopics cant be saved..so sorry,not possible.

    hope it all works out for u!!Im sure it will....ill b thinking of u!Good luck girl!
  3. There is no chance with an ectopic pregnancy. I hope everything works out.
  4. I am sending good thoughts your way
  5. any news?
  6. i learned in med science class a few years back that they cant be saved. ill keep you in my prayers, i will hope for the best.
  7. I will be hoping for the best. You will be in my prayers. Goodluck!
  8. Mango I´m really hoping everything is fine with your pregnancy. Let us know when you can.
  9. Hi everyone... thanks so much for the positive vibes! :flowers: It worked!

    Went in for a detailed ultrasound this morning, and things look fine! So I'm a bit stumped (but thankful!). :rolleyes:

    The sac is where it should be - in the uterus - and the technician says that it measures 5 weeks, 3 days, give or take 3 days. :confused1: I'm not sure how that works out because I KNOW I ovulated on 3/10, which would put me at under 4 weeks. The lady also said that it's at this stage of the pregnancy that their measurements are most accurate.

    We saw the sac, the yolk (I think that's what they called it), and a tiny thing that is the baby... and the baby's heartbeat! It reminded me of ET's heart that glows... we saw the baby's heartbeat like a light that gets stronger, then dimmer, stronger, then dimmer! That was really neat!

    So... I will stop worrying so much about it. Worrying is tiring! :yes: I'm just glad it's growing where it should be, I won't worry about it measuring bigger than it should at this point!
  10. that is great!! i'm so happy for you, i can just imagine how happy you must be feeling right now :smile:)
  11. YEAH!SOOOOOO happy for u!!!!
  12. Great news. Glad everything is ok.
  13. I'm glad to hear everything is okay!
  14. :yahoo: Sooooo happy everything is good, Mangowife!
  15. Thanks everyone! You ladies are grrrrrrreat! :drinkup: (that's water in my martini glass, by the way)