Possible Defect in Monogramme Quilted Tote?

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  1. Hi guys!

    This is my first time buying a Saint Laurent bag and I'm a little torn.

    Every time that I close the bag, the magnetic button closures doesn't seem to properly attach. It's a shoulder bag so whenever I put my arm on it or even use the handles to put up the bag off the ground, the closing strap opens up and opens. Is the magnetic button supposed to be so easy and lax? I looked closet at the design and it seems like the button is just shallow, barely any real strength in the magnetism. Help?

  2. That is certainly a defect!

    The magnet is too weak. How long ago did you buy the bag? Do you have the receipt?
    I would take it back to the store without any fear. There is no way you could have de-magnetized a zip so it is obviously a defect, not misuse on your part. If the bag is otherwise undamaged they should replace it for you, or, at least, replace the magnet closure.

    If you dont have the receipt, do you remember the store you bought it at? Even better, the SA? As far as I know they will still have you and your purchase in their system. It may be OK with some ID.

    If not, they should still offer to fix the magnet, if for a small fee. I have taken my Dior bag to be cleaned when colour from my jeans transferred onto it - and they didn't charge me anything, even though it technically was my fault. I don't think YSL has such extensive reconstruction practices like Hermes, but they should help you if they sold you a defective product.

    Keep us posted on how it goes!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply!

    I just bought it three days ago from the Bicester Village YSL Outlet in the UK. I actually live in Dubai so am a little worried as to if they'll entertain me considering that it's an outlet purchase.

    I'm gonna call the YSL store here and see what they have to say. Here's to hoping that they replace/change the button cause it was truly an amazing deal (only 750 GBP!) and I would hate to have bought a defected bag as my first YSL.
  4. Shouldn't be a problem as long as its authentic. :smile:

  5. Sounds like a defect. Mine doesn't do this and I've had her for over a year now.
  6. So I went into the store yesterday, they gladly took it in and said that it WAS quite demagnetized compared to the other ones at the store.

    They're gonna try for a local repair, if they can't then it will be sent to Italy for two months. Here's to hoping that they can do it locally cause I was hoping to wear my beauty for Eid this year.

    Fingers crossed! I'll keep y'all updated.
  7. Any updates on your bag? I hope you got to wear it in Eid! Can you tell me how was the stock at the YSL outlet in Bicester village and prices because I'm visiting in a month?
  8. +1
  9. Sorry for the late reply, I've been travelling this summer!

    I got my bag back on July 3rd, just in time for Eid and wore it on the first day. They actually replaced the logo and button clasp with an extra one (turns out my bag actually had one hidden inside, WHO KNEW? Ever since then, its been closing a lot better, no more breaking open at the lightest pulls. The Saint Laurent employee in Marina Mall Abu Dhabi was absolutely wonderful!

    As for the outlets, the SL outlet is a hit or miss in all countries. Some days they have a lot of nice stuff, some they dont. I went back in November during my London visit and came out empty handed while this time in June, they had quite a bit. My advice? Take the earliest possible Chiltern Train to Bicester Village at opening time cause once its opening time, a lot of people start pilliing in and you wont get first pick. Also, insist on a few packed piece, they say no at first but its worth it since the one they were offering to me at first was slightly scratched.

    Enjoy Bicester Village! Go to SL, Prada, Gucci, and Dior, they're all REALLY good. Oh and dont forget to cool off with a nice summer treat at Amorino!

    Enjoy! :heart:
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  10. I'm glad it got fixed and you got to wear it on the first day of Eid! Thanks for the tips and advice! ❤️
  11. Hi...where in the bag is the extra button located? Curious
  12. Apparently it was inside one of the inner pockets. Just sitting there wrapped in packaging. She said all Saint Laurent totes come with it in the hardware colour.
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