Possible Chanel Purchases Online?

  1. I want to buy a Chanel handbag and shoes, but can't make it to Chanel or Neiman Marcus any time soon. What is the best website to purchase Chanel? Please let me know if you all have any advice. Thank you!
  2. There are no online sources to buy Chanel. Gotta buy in person or over the phone. :smile:
  3. I don't think you can buy Chanel online, unless you find an authentic bag on eBay. Sometimes Bluefly has Chanel from past seasons on sale, but the selection is limited.
  4. Well, that explains why I haven't found a Chanel online retailer yet! I'm too scared of ebay to even consider purchasing a designer good on there. Also, the shoes I want are brand new so I doubt they're even on Ebay yet. Thanks for the comments.
  5. I was just wondering if there's anywhere online that you can purchase authentic chanel. I live about an hour outside of pittsburgh, so the closest Saks is around an hour and a half away (difficult to get to without a license). Searching through some of the disgraces to the name on ebay definitely gets frustrating, so if anyone can help out, please. Thanks everyone!

    by the way, this site rocks.:amazed:
  6. Sadly, no Chanel online. Bluefly has a few older pieces (with inflated list price: don't get me started) and there are several recommended ebay sellers and that's about it. Chanel site has some to view only online. There's always the fall-in-love-with-photo-in-magazine and call the boutique route.:biggrin: I heard rumors of NM adding Chanel at some point. We'll see.
  7. Thanks kitskats. I'm hoping Neiman's adds it! Do you think if I called a boutique they could just ship it?
  8. :amuse: Absolutely
    Which bag are you loving? :love: :lol:
  9. Double-I'm not sure about the boutique, but I was at the Chanel section at Saks Fifth in NYC and when I bought an item and she said if I lived out of NY (which I don't, ugh) , then I could avoid paying taxes! So, if you're going to order something you might give that route a try to save some money.
  10. well, i basically love the entire cambon line, and all the new stuff too. i really wouldn't mind having any of them, to tell you the truth:biggrin:
  11. oh, and bella, be thankful you don't live here. there's basically nothing in pittsburgh, besides our beloved Saks, which barely ever gets anything in:cry:

    maybe i'll move to nyc, i'm thinking it's definitely worth paying the taxes on our beloved purses!
  12. The Neiman Marcus in San Diego (Fashion Valley Mall) carries Chanel and they are more than happy to ship. And you can always call the Chanel boutiques - I got mine shipped from a store in Hawaii to Ohio (sales tax free too).
  13. If Gucci and Louis Vuitton can do it, then I think it is about time Chanel offers customers the options to purchase bags on their website.

    What is equally frustrating is the fact chanel.com only features an extremely limited amount of bags online. Uggh! :sad2:
  14. if you check the NM online catalogs, they have chanel in them, but u need to contact customer care so they can get in touch with a personal shopper to help you place the order. I doubt, chanel would ever begin to sell online though, which sucks.
  15. As soon as NM offered ONE online..guess who bought it? :lol:
    A lovely bronzey brown deerskin number that was in their 2005 Christmas print catalog. Sure wish they would offer online.