Possible best buy at YSL & other new in store dishing

  1. I was at the YSL store yesterday and a lot of new colors had come in and seahorseinstripes the frame bag you were interested in is in! I was in the display window and sadly very, very navy more than a good deep blue as in the magazine ads.
    I found the patent Tribute especially in Medium too stiff to fit on a shoulder right. Maybe after some usage would it soften up, but it was disappointing for me. :sad:

    The Belle Du Jour line has really caught my eye. The price point on the items is comparatively low and they had cute summer styles.

    The Belle Du Jour wristlet was really cute!

    The chain seemed good and study without being such a super shiny gold.

    At the Houston store it came in Black, Red, Moss Green and White

    The Moss Green color

    I'm in heaven about this color!! It's such a gorgeous neutral IRL!

    However what really caught my eye was the Belle Du Jour long clutch. I can't find pictures anywhere but it was 11 x 6 with the Belle Du Jour stylings and two pockets inside. Wide enough to fit a cellphone, wallet, key and planner.

    The price point for this good sized clutch was only 460.00 USD!! :nuts: I poked my DH hard in the sides and said *cough*valentines*cough*. Hopefully he gets the hint ;)

    What do you think is the best buy in YSL?
  2. A side note their new Belle Du Jour clutch is available in black, white, moss green and silver which is a leather mixed with silk blend... it's very soft!

    Also in comparison to the Louis Vuitton Wapity, the Belle Du Jour is larger. It can fit an Iphone and other bigger phones inside.
  3. quick question if you catch this, the muse zip around wallet with the 12 credit card slots online on ysl's site, did you see that in the store? it will be impossible for me to see it in person being in austin, just wondering your thoughts about seeing it in person

    but I'm thinking it will be a good upgrade for the leather body for the wallet in comparison to the blue saffiano prada zip wallet that I have, but I'm assuming that there isn't a colored muse zip around wallet?

    that wristlet is so cute! I love the chain :}

  4. I have seen the Belle Du Jour clutch and it's really lovely, especially in the gold color. Very simple, a good size and a really nice bag for evenings out. You can find it on Saks and ysl.com.

    Is the Large too big for you? It's only about $70 more than the Medium and easily fits on the shoulder. You could also try the Medium in regular leather which would be softer than the patent.
  5. Thanks, Shazam! I was looking for a pic of the BDJ clutch since the OP mentioned it, but could not find a pic until you suggested Saks: