Possible bag trade gone bad..

  1. Hi I hope someone can quickly comment on this. I just traded away my Celine luggage bag for a new givenchy antigona medium size goat skin cognac , I thought it was a fair trade the luggage was wayy too heavy for me! The givency looks amazing however the lining is beige, I noticed online the linings are mostly black? I don't know where the serial number is but I have a card 12g5100012 280 n a swatch of the leather. I'm thinking it maybe a fake :sad: but a very nice fake. The person who I traded with well I barely know her met her on deluxe mall n we met in person.
  2. Take advantage of the Givenchy authentication thread. The girls there will help you. You may need to provide photos though. Hope it all works out.

    ~Authenticate this Givenchy~
  3. Thank you aluxe! I always see you helping everyone out.
  4. I think some of the colors come with a beige lining. I know the orange and camel have beige linings. I'm not sure about the other colors, though. HTH! :smile:
  5. :smile:

    Just came by to check up on you. Did you ever learn about the bag's authenticity?