Possible bag, New need help.

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  1. So i've had the option brought to me about a baby paddy. I dont own a chloe and do love the paddy style. I'm on the understanding the lock on this bag makes it heavy..n/p i can remove it :smile:
    What i'm wondering is .. what size works best for most.
    On a daily basis i carry my wallet, cell, keys, a couch makeup bag with small items.
    On the weekend I have another cell, wallet, keys (b/f's stuff)
    here's a pic of whats in my bag[​IMG]
  2. I think medium Paddy is best...baby paddy is a little on the small side!

    I think the newer paddys are a little lighter in weight....
  3. I carry the medium paddy, the small paddy is lovley but it is quite abit smaller.If you are at all worreid that the baby will be too small go for the medium, plus you get much more bag for yuor money!
  4. thank you ladies..
  5. is this a baby ?
  6. No I would think thats a medium paddy.
  7. ^^ thank you
  8. I just got a baby and it is too small... it's lovely when you go out and don't have much to carry, but it forces you to stick to essentials...
    I love it, it was affordable, brand new... but I'd have been happier with a larger bag (though I decided to get a small one for a change).
    Good luck in your hunt
    PS the lock looks nice, but it's too heavy,,, specially when you are carrying a baby as well...:yes:
  9. ^^ thanks for the heads up,i'll keep that in mind.
  10. would it be safe to say that aside from the handles that this bag is as big as the popincourt.

  11. I had two baby paddies and sold them both because they wound up being too small for me and I really don't carry that much either. I think a medium paddy would be perfect for you and you can wear it over your shoulder if you twist the straps under each other.
  12. thankyou.
  13. correct me if i'm wrong does the baby measure
    7.5x7.5x14 ? thanks