Possible? 5-year-old pochette still in store?

  1. I just saw a pochette on eBay which looked good at first sight. From the pictures, the date code was CA1001 - CA stands for Made in Spain as far as I know and that's on the bag, too. So far, so good.
    The pochette was stated as "new" - "new" but from Oct. 2001??? So I asked the seller, when it was bought and he replied: 2 months ago...

    I decided to stay away from this bag, but have you ever bought a bag in a LV-store that was quite "old"?
  2. Post a link or an item #, please!!!
  3. i don't have a pochette, so this is based on nothing really,but i dont' know. it seems funny. i could be wrong though.
  4. I don't buy the "bought 2 months ago" thing unless he's using a box from another purchase. The last time i saw those boxes had to have been at least 5 - 8 years ago and Germany can't be that behind can they? However I guess there is some possibility in his reason since there is hardly any patina on the bag for something that's 5 years old.

    It's possible that there are "older" bags still in store, especially for permanent pieces like the pochette and I know eluxury had a couple "older" pieces in stock that they sent out to customers.
  5. hmm that box is old, I bought my pouchette in 2004,and the serial # says its from 2002..
  6. :lol: *lol*, no, we're not "that behind". :amuse:

    He says, the box got wet and that it does not look "nice" now, so he's giving an older box to the pochette.
    I think, I scared the seller a little... a man selling purses :P
    He wants to ask a friend about the bag and provide me with more pictures tomorrow. I did not want to say, that I already decided NOT to bid on this bag, he really tries to help and is very kind :shame:
  7. haha, sorry about that! i didnt mean to offend you or anything, sorry if I did :shame: However if Germany was, I would fly over there for all the Limited Edition pieces and then we can do lunch!

    Aww he seems like a great seller, I'm sure someone will bid on that!
  8. You did not, I thought it was kind of cute :smile:
  9. it is possible, I bought a bag from lv a couple of months ago and according to the date code stamped in it, it was made in 1999...I was shocked at first, and it came with a older dust bag, but afterwards, I didn't mind at all...the bag was brand new, untouched, smelled new and plus I like the soft felt dustbags anyways...so it is possible, I also saw a croissant gm in the san fancisco lv today that was date coded from 2003
  10. The bag looks okay to me.
  11. I'm not sure if it is the light or a slight fold in the leather tab, but the "Made in Spain" doesn't look right, especially the space between S and p. Maybe it's my old eyes...