possibble TMJ? Anyone has a success story to share?

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  1. Hi-

    I beleive I have TMJ problems. After two root canals, I had facial muscle spasms for a week. Now I have popping of jaw when I chew/eat and my ears are awfully in pain/full. It's been three weeks since onset of symptoms. My dentist is making me a night guard to stop my grinding/clenching at night. He beleives that's my main problem.

    Also, he said that I have muscular problems.

    Has anyone have this and successfully been "cured" or the condition
    dissapeared altogether? Please share your experiences.

  2. I don't know that there is a cure. My TMJ acts up every now and again. Sometimes it subsides by itself and other times I have to go to the Chiropractor.
  3. I also have a night guard, mostly because I clench my jaw at night or when I'm stressed out. I'd say for the most part it's helped me alot. The only other time my jaw bothers me is if I happen to over extend it while eating or something. I'm pretty sure it doesn't ever completely go away, you just kinda learn how to manage your symptoms or get surgery if its that bad.
  4. I was in a car accident in college and I got it that way (apparently it can be caused by a sudden stress). I just so happened to be going to school in a city where one of the nations top TMJ specialists practiced so I went to see him a bunch of times. it didnt do much. he basically told me to apply warm, wet towels to my jaw every night and avoid clenching my teeth, yawning wide (not that I could anyways), etc. At this point I couldnt even open my mouth enough to bite into a cheeseburger! I stopped going b/c it was such a "wait and see" approach. It eventually (about a year later!) went away on its own (and w/ the help of the wet towels i guess). so there is hope! it just stinks that theres not very much you can do other than go drastic & have surgery on your jaw OR wait and see if it goes away over time. hopefully the teeth grinding at night is your problem and stopping that will make it go away! I would def be careful right now tho- mine started (for a few days) w/ the clicking, then eventually my jaw just like locked on one side. try to do whatever your doctor says and keep that from happening! good luck!!
  5. My case in a nut shell. Grad school was stressing me out so much that recently I gnawed through my nightguard in my sleep. That was a sign.

    Other than that, there are things I can not eat because they make it act up during the day. Such items are: gum, starburst, bagels, anything too chewy/gummy.

    If I don't wear my nightguard to sleep, I wake up with pain in my jaw, stiffness, and jaw will pop a lot during the day.

    Hope a nightguard takes care of it for ya!
  6. I have TMJ, my Mom has it too. I've never heard of a cure. It sure does kick my ass sometimes!

    I remember, not too long ago, I was eating a Philly Cheese steak sandwich and I over extended...O-M-G (!!!) my jaw hurt for a good 2 weeks. I try to be really careful when I eat, but that Philly Cheese steak was off the hook lol!

    I used to have a night guard, I guess when I was about 14 or so. I dont wear it anymore though...maybe I should buy another...
  7. yeah, I definately avoid gum at all costs now. My jaw never locked but at one point I wasn't able to open it very far which made eating a pain cause I had to eat extra slow and cut things smaller which isn't exactly ideal for a college student in a hurry.
  8. My doctor told me to exercise my jaw muscles/facial muscles and to make them stronger by tilting my head back, looking at the sky and then chewing with my mouth open, just as I would do with a mouthful of food. Strange, but it works- I call it "chewing the sky" and I haven't had an episode since I started a year ago.
  9. I have it and wear a night guard at night and just am aware, try to be careful with it.
  10. Mine flares up every so often. My dentist has recommended a mouth guard but I probably wouldn't wear it anyways. Just 1 month ago my jaw was stiff and sore so I knew I had been clenching and grinding my teeth. Now it feels OK. My friend who also has TMJ swears that yoga helps (I haven't explored this option yet).
  11. i know this is totally weird, but i heard that botox injections into the jaw help.... they last for like 3-5 months i think
  12. Thanks ladies-
    Does anyone have annoying symptoms such as ringing in the ears and intense headaches? Those are my biggest gripes. I haven't gotten my night guard yet but sure hope it helps. Has anyone's symptoms dissapeared/greatly reduced after treatment?

    I've read horror stories online about TMJ!!!!!

    Has anyone tried prolotherapy? It's the process of strengthening/growing tendons and ligaments around injured joints. Sounds wackidoodle but it might work.

    I'm so stressed that I have this. I feel like I'm not "myself" anymore. :cursing:
  13. Interesting. You do this regularly as a preventative measure? How often and for how long at a time?
  14. I had TMJ pain after I got my braces off. I saw a specialist and he made me a thing like a retainer except it was really hard, rigid and thick (clear) plastic. I can't remember if I wore it all day or just at night (it was a long time ago) but it did 'cure' my problem. The pain went away eventually.
  15. I just got my nightguard and wore it for a night. It's causing some pain/discomfort in my TMJ joints in the morning. Is this normal?

    I'm seeing my dentist today to see if that should be the case.

    How is everyone doing?