Tech possessed iPad 2!

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  1. Was playing with my iPad 2 yesterday when suddenly it started opening pages on its own...including opening emails and deleting them! It was like it was possessed!

    Initial thoughts was that it had been hacked somehow but it went into photos and zoomed in and out of the corner of the image (which was of grass) and random typed letters.

    Used android phone to look up Internet and found a couple of other people with the same problem so stopped panicking...well, a little bit anyway and filmed it doing the random stuff...

    Took back to Apple store today. First guy say "whoa...that's really freaky..and unnerving" as did it when I switched it on!

    Straight up to the tech had never seen another iPad do that but the other had and said it was the accelerometer had gone on the fitz. Replaced iPad straight away and thankfully everything saved to iCloud so never lost any photos etc..

    So, if your iPad 2 starts having a life of its's not possessed

    (though freakily, the iPad ID had MAD in the string of letters...says everything really!).
  2. :shocked: Wow, that's crazy! Would have freaked me out too! Glad you got a new one :tup:
  3. I haven't hear about that. It is interesting that the accelerometer was causing that though.