Posse NYC bags (featured in lucky) coupon code

  1. I received a Posse bag a couple of weeks ago to review and I love it - the leather is fabulous (lamb) and it's incredibly sturdy.

    just wanted to let you know about a 15% off code 'grechen' at Posse New York

    the bag below was featured in lucky:


    this is my bag:

    and a link to my review: Grechen's Closet - It's not you, it's your closet.

  2. Thanx grechen!!
  3. Thanks Grechen! I frequently visit your site for deals and discount codes. Love it! Thanks again! :smile:
  4. one of our models worked the posse shoot, so snagged a few bags. she actually had the green one you have with her at a meeting, and i thought it was a bit regular for the price.