Posse NYC - 25% Off Using Grechen Code!

  1. http://www.possenyc.com/

    Dear Shoppers!!

    Posse is having an exclusive Holiday sale going on NOW until Dec 24th!!

    Recieve 25% off by entering "grechen25" at checkout!!!

    Please email any questions!!!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This code appears not to apply towards the purchase of sale handbags as I just tried it and it didn't work.
  2. grechenssummer is good for 15% off S/S sale items...
  3. posse bags aren't too nice for the price.

    the seams always look shoddy, imho.

  4. Canada's ...I'm not disputing what you're saying, however the two Posse styles that I recently purchased from FengJunk are super bags. After reading your post, I took them from my closet to check out the seams. Seriously, they don't look any different than most of the similarly priced bags that I've purchased. Their original prices are too high, but IMO so are the prices of most bags that I've bought with few exceptions. That's why I refuse to pay full retail for any handbag. Here are the two that I bought...

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  5. i don't see that the seams are shoddy at all! of course i only have one bag, but it's superbly made imo, and holding up incredibly well after lots of use...
  6. i worked with someone who worked the posse web shoot a little over a year ago. i ended up meeting her at the shoot, where they obviously had several bags that were going to be photographed and quality was not the best, which was shocking to me since this was the shoot for their own website!

    these very well could have been samples, but even if, you would think the quality would be superb as you want to put your best foot forward in any sort of picture.

    just my two cents! :hrmm: