Positive vs Negative

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  1. Hum... I am wondering if there could be a sub-forum for all the depressing, rants, problems in my life, out of a job, husband left me, etc. etc.

    The forum seems to be filling up with these types of posts a lot lately. Paging Dr. Phil...

    I prefer the lighter side.. JMHO
  2. Thats what GEN DISC is for
  3. Well then . guess I stay clear of that forum!!:heart:
    Thanks for the input..
  4. There have been a lot of it lately... maybe it's the weather? lol
  5. I think once we get the relationship forum up, many of those threads can go in there. But mostly, these threads are just general discussion.

    Maybe cabin fever unleashed... :shrugs: I'm happy either way!
  6. i think we all need a place to vent sometimes and be frustrated and have people understand. doesn't bother me. if i don't want negative posts, i know which ones to stay out of, for the most part.

    but, yeah, i noticed in the last week or so everyone seems to be bummed.
  7. I get overwhelmed sometimes too, that's why I try to post a lot of psitiv things. Maybe we can get the 'happy' movement going! That would be nice.
  8. LOL! That seems to be 99 percent of the posts! :p It can get a bit overwhelming at times.
  9. granted, i think most of them are mine...:hrmm:

    but i think tpf goes through phases...give it time and we'll be back to cheery posts.
  10. ^^I agree--things go thru phases, and for whatever reason people seem to be in a down phase right now. Depending on how I'm feeling, I skip the negative posts till a time when I'm in a better place to contribute.
  11. People are a lot more isolated that they used to be and many of the people who post such thoughts on the forum feel that they don't have the friendship or support from their friends and families that they would like to have...sometimes an online community may be their only support.

    Life is not always positive, and people do post both the negatives and the positives of their lives on the forum, something which I appreciate a lot.
    The forum reflects a lot of what ordinary life consists of - happiness, sadness, anger...its illogical to expect that it will always be full of 'happy and posisitve people'. It is because it mirrors life a lot that I like tPF. If it were a forum that was just full of "I love my new red/blue/green handbag" I would have left a long time ago.
  12. ^ Bravo :yes:
  13. Oohhh, is there going to be a relationship forum coming?? :nuts: :woohoo: :yahoo:
  14. ^ Yes yes!! We are just a little slow with it, but it will be here :yes:
  15. I don't know if anyone has noticed but when happy threads do appear they don't hang around as long as the sad ones.

    I guess there just isn't as much to say about happy things but congrats the sad posts there is a lot more back and forth between people offering advice or just a shoulder to cry on.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.