Positive experience with C section?

  1. Even though I was scared of the birthing process,after taking our class I felt a lot better about it. However, we have a couple of complications, and now we are looking at a very possible elective C-section before my due date. Just when I got myself all prepared for the labor pain and the birthing process, now I am having to deal with the downside of C section. I am scared with all the horrible stories I've heard about it being a surgery, how difficult recovery is, etc etc. Anybody out there with a rather positive experience with their C section? Do you feel that you'd missed out on experiencing the birth (no laboring, don't know how labor pain feels like, etc)? Anything positive about a C section (other than it's medically necessary for the mom and/or baby)? Anything? I am getting nervous and trying to focus on the positives here ...

  2. hey travel,
    i don't have personal experience but 2 of my friends had 2 c sections each and both absolutely swear byt it. they liked the idea of scheduling the time and date, being a quick in and out and didn't have much problems with the recovery.

    i am being induced on friday, my actual due date is sunday and as of my last appt. today still not dilated. i too am trying to wrap my head around a possible csection.

    hang in there, postive thinking and I am sure you'll be fine!!!
  3. I have had two C-sections, like you I was dreading the surgery & was quite depressed at the prospect. Honestly I recovered fine! My one regret was having general anaesthesia & missing out on the births, I wasn't offered epidural as both were emergency sections in the end. If you have the choice of an epidural I would say take it as you will experience the actual birth moment which I feel I missed out on.
    My recovery was really quick, ok you will be sore for a day or two but it's bearable. Ask for a bikini cut also I did & have no visible scarring at all now. Would recommend doing exercise when allowed to bring tummy muscles back which is a bit harder after the surgery than a normal birth.
    Good luck & hope you will both have healthy babies & a quick recovery.
    Any other questions just ask :smile:
  4. I had two planned C-sections. First baby was breech and wouldn't turn, and I had a gigantic uterine fibroid. Second baby had to come via C-section since my OB thought it would be dangerous to have a VBAC, in my case.

    I have to say that my first C-section was a lot more bearable than my second. I'm told that is often the case because with subsequent C-sections, there's a lot more scar tissue and so the discomfort during surgery is worse and the recovery time is longer. But my first C-section was a pleasant surprise -- the anxiety over having my first major surgery was half the battle. Other than that, I found that reading up on the procedure (obsessively) really helped me to be prepared on the day of the surgery. I knew what was going to happen so I had less fear. The administration of anesthesia (I had a spinal) was pretty much painless, I didn't feel a thing during the surgery although I had a major case of the shakes (from the anesthesia), and the recovery was painful, slow, but *tolerable.* I was nervous about the staple removal but that didn't hurt at all. I'd say the most painful things for me were: 1) The pre-op IV insertion into my hand...OUCH!!! 2) Getting in and out of bed, which they force you to do on the very first day! Ohhh, the incision pain. But again, it was bearable.

    If you have pain, TELL THE NURSE. You don't have to suffer in silence when there are safe medications out there. I was initially worried that pain drugs would pass through my breast milk and harm my baby, but such a miniscule amount passes through that it's really not an issue. So don't be a hero -- use your prescribed pain meds, ask for a lot of help, and you'll be fine. Oh, and if you're planning on BFing, don't be shy about summoning your hospital's lactation consultant...C-section moms sometimes have a harder time with BFing due to incision pain, but the LCs know their way around that issue.

    Good luck! You'll be fine. :smile:

    ETA: In my case, I did not miss out on labor pains, even though I had planned c-sections. With my first child, my water broke and I actually went into labor as they were prepping me in the pre-op room! Contractions started fast and strong immediately! They hustled me into the OR at that point. Anyway, no I did not feel as if I missed out on the natural experience of vaginal birth. At the end of the day, YOU HAVE A BABY. C-sections and vaginal births are both valid births, don't get down on yourself because of how he/she came into the world!
  5. I had two C-sections. Both were fine. The first was done due to labor not progressing past 9 1/2 cm---and the baby was sunny side up-back labor. The operation itself was fine, I felt nothing. I had no fear, no pain. Recovery for a few days was uncomfortable but it was nothing to complain about. I did loose a lot of blood and was anemic but this was due to the doctor going to see all of his afternoon patients and making my wait for hours before my C-section. My next doctor said this should not have been done to me and was dangerous.....

    With my 2nd one--it was sooooooooooo easy. The operation was quick and recovery was a breeze. I really can't even remember saying there was pain, I was not on pain medications..... I think one can scare themselves in to thinking things are worse than they are and this fear of the unknown makes one think it is horrible. One word of advice, with the first C-section hubby sat by my head and talked to me and a large sheet covered from my neck down so he did not see what was going on but did get to hold the baby right away. With my 2nd C-section he got to see everything, I mean everything---how they cut and what they do when they cut. I do not think he needed to see it and as interesting as he might have thought it was I think he preferred the first one better. Friends hubby fainted on the hard floor watching her C-section.
  6. I had inductions with my first two babies due to size. THAT was no picnic, and I have no clue what "natural" labor would have been like.

    We scheduled a c-section with the 3rd (due to size - 11-1/2 lb - and other complications) and I now wish I'd had a section with all 3. The delivery, the recovery, the whole experience was just plain better for me with the section. I may be a rare case, but I highly recommend them!
  7. Hey girls - thank you so much for taking the time with your replies. I got misty-eyed reading your replies! You all are so brave! :tup:

    I guess I am just not sure which way it will go ... at first my OB mentioned induction, that sent me into a bit of a tailspin as I never really thought about it - my focus had always been getting through the labor and birthing, epi or no epi, etc. I got my birthing plan all drawn up, ready to go. Now we just discovered another possible complication with our latest u/s - we will need to look into C section being a real possibility as well. So you can imagine how confused and scared I feel !

    Also thanks for reminding me, that at the end of the day, what really matters is my baby is healthy and safe, no matter what the 'delivery method' is. It doesn't make me less of a mom. This is my first pregnancy after all the struggles for such a long time just to get pregnant, sometimes I lose sight of the end goal.
  8. ^^^^

    Hi Travelbug,

    I used to get so uptight when going to see my gynaecologist that my blood pressure went sky high even though I never had a BP problem LOL He soon learned to take it when the examination was over & I knew that all was well, then it had settled LOL. Try to relax, worrying that all will be well with you & the baby is so normal but please take a word of advice from someone who spent their whole pregnancies worrying, don't do it, relax & enjoy, I wish that I had. All will be well whether it will be a normal birth or a C section, noone wants to have surgery but honestly when you have that gorgeous little bundle it will all be worth it & you really will recover quickly, I promise. the clips coming out don't hurt at all.
    C section was my very first ever surgery & I was so squeamish about looking at the scar LOL by the time I did it was hardly visible LOL On the vanity end of things I cannot stress enough to ask for the bikini cut it will not distort your tummy like the up & down one will.
    C Section will most definitely not make you less of a mom, you have nurtured that baby for 9 months & are very much all his or hers mum!
  9. My first was a vaginal delivery w/ forceps & episiotomy~ My 2nd was breech & I had a C-section. Quite frankly, the C-section was a breeze compared to my vaginal! I was up that night walking the hallway. I had normal bruising & soreness but again, nothing worse than my vaginal. I even had to have a large "T" cut in my uterus because my son was stuck & they couldn't get him out easily. My scar has completely faded into a little white line & it's in my um.. pubic area so you can't see it at all. It took almost 2 years for all my sensation to come back right at the incision site but that small amount of numbness is nothing you really think about.

    I really wouldn't recommend a C-section unless it's warranted but don't let the stories scare you. I had ideas beforehand how awful it was going to be but I was pleasantly surprised in the end. Best of luck!
  10. I had a C section for my 1st born. My 2nd child will be due in Oct. I am also seriously considering whether to go for a C section again or try natural birth. I have heard so much positive things about natural birth that intially I was quite keen to got through it but after months of mulling over it, I am undecisive again. I will have to talk to my gynae again:confused1:
  11. When I started med school, before being pregnant was even a distant possibility, I always thought I wanted a c/s. I thought, how easy, you go in, get surgery, no pushing, no pooping in front of anyone, etc, etc. Then, during my OB rotation, I actually saw a c/s, and it looked soooo brutal that I thought there's no way in hell I'd want that. Fast forward a couple years. My pregnancy, although complicated, was going along ok and the thought of giving birth was giving me nightmares and scaring me to death! Then I started having a real problem with my pregnancy and my high risk specialist recommended a c/s to cut down risks to the baby, so of course I went that route. My second one was planned c/s. The second one to me was much easier, because I knew what kind of pain to expect, and how long it took to recover. I'm still happy that I had 2 c/s. I don't feel like I missed out on any birthing process at all. I figure, no matter what route your baby comes out, whether abdominal or vaginal, it's still your baby and you're still it's mother.
  12. i did not have a c-section, but one of my friends has decided that after her first c section, she will have nothing but c sections because she loved it so much. my sister had one, too, and she really was fine. i just met another woman who also had a c section and she was doing stairs, walking around, very little pain, no problems.
  13. Thanks girls for sharing your experience. I've done some research on the Internet on how to have a safe and satisfying C section, and tips on how to recover better afterwards. I feel better now about the possibility of having a C section. It helps so much to know what to expect, and to prepare for it accordingly. It is definitely better to have a scheduled vs an emergency one.
  14. I had two c-sections, the first was an emergency and the second one was planned( because I was afraid to have the same emrgency situation as the first).
    Hands down a planned c-section is a breeze... my recovery time and the pain level was almost nil! If I have another child I will definately be going that route. With my first child I went through regular labor even pushed for 3 hours then had the c-section. I'm all for those who want to experience "natural" birth , imho c-section is much easier....
  15. my c-section experience was positive! I didn't have any pain at all....no complication! The recovery was quite fast, in Asia we do this tummy binding thing, i did that after 10 days of giving birth. The 2nd after giving birth, i could walk normally! I didn't feel that i missed out the birth experience, the c-section was my choice, I would do it again if I have a second baby