Positive ebay experiences, nice, cute, funny...tell us !

  1. I've have bought a lot on ebay no b-bags yet, but had some great experiences. I know we all post our horrorstories and it's so sad that there are more and more but I thought that it would be nice to post our positive expiriences for a change.
    I've put some b-bags on ebay and consider buying as well so I need some encouragement!

    So let's hear...:smile:
  2. OK...this is a little bit cute.

    A couple of years ago, right before christmas, I bought this fabulous red hat with purple feathers on it. It looked amazing on me, and I wore it once to a holiday party.

    Then I learned about the Red Hat Society, which this hat was undoubtedly made for. I just couldn't bring myself to wear the hat ever again (I'm not old enough for RHS!) so I thought I'd sell it on eBay.

    While I was taking pics of it, my son was hanging around and I took a pic of him wearing it. It looked so great on him that I ended up using it as my auction picture. The lady who bought the hat was utterly delighted with it, and she said "I knew I would love this hat. If it looks this great on a teenage boy, imagine what it can do for me!"

    Here's a small version of the pic.
  3. Hippie~ that is so cute and funny!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  4. I have made some good friends from some of my "buyers"! I have had mostly great experiences. One of my buyers even sent me a Xmas gift once! I was so touched. There are still a few good hearted people on ebay.
  5. all I can say is I have AWESOME repeat buyers and I consider some of them friends. I met Nanaz (PFer) thru ebay and these darn Bbags and she is a doll and a friend. We chat on the phone sometimes several times a day! I'm hoping in February after my move I can fly back east and we can go to BalNy together and spends lot of money. For as many issues/problems ebay has, I have had 99.9% great experiences and I've met some wonderful people. Especially my Chloe and Balenciaga girls.
  6. Well, a week ago Mocean posted a Apple Day in Achtung that had a BIN price. I was super excited and flailing my arms about to get my BF to come over and see. In the whole process, I guess I hit the key board or something because when I turned around, it said I won the bag! I was in shock:wtf: and then like sure, it's meant to be:supacool:

    But immediately after someone pointed out it's stolen photos. DRAMA!! I email the seller asking for photos that had to have BOTH our screenames on there and I waited. In the meantime, Oh Donna! did some sleuthing and the seller said she had paid someone for the photos. Fishy, no?

    Well I call on Monday and I got the whole thing figured out, it's super confusing. There were 3 people involved. The girl who owns the B-bag, her friend, and her friend's girlfriend. This would explain why there were 3 emails involed when I was transacting. As for the photos, the girl with the B-bag doesn't have an Ebay account and doesn't know the first thing about it so she asked her friend. Her friend goes to his girlfriend and she said she'll do all the work, but for a price (this is where her thing of "I paid someone" comes from), but I guess the girlfriend didn't get photos fast enough and decided just to take it from LVLady99.

    The bag came yesterday, re-assured my many that it is real. And I am one happy owner:yes:
  7. lizlikeshugs: so glad that there was a happy ending!

    I have now bought 2 bbags from pfers and have had the very best experiences possible. Both were professional, honest and helpful. I can't say enough good things about both of them. The bags were EXACTLY (if not better than) as promised and I consider both of them friends and would not only buy from them again but will ask them for advice.

    : I agree with you - we tend to vent (and need help) with the horror stories, but ebay has been a way for me to obtain items that would have been almost impossible to find (I'm in the US and both came from other countries) and meet very nice people.

    My advice is to only go with pfers - the bbag forum has the nicest people!:flowers:
  8. Oh Donna you are making me blush. :shame: You are a sweetheart and a good friend to me too and i am glad that i met you through ebay. :tender: I have had some bad experiences on ebay (which i will not mention because they are not worth it and in time justice was served in my favor) but the rest has been very pleasant. The best part for me is finding out about this forum and i am enjoying meeting and helping you all in any way i can.:flowers:
  9. I just got my DREAM BAG on eBay. It is an '05 Ice Blue City and is in mint condition (never used). I don't think I would have ever been able to get this (now in 2006) without eBay. And the woman selling it made it a very easy and pleasant transaction!
  10. I've bought some fabulous vintage bags from ebay. There is a great powerseller called smallbutdeadly who wraps packages like gifts: tissue paper, ribbon the works! she even puts the packing slip in a small coloured envelope, lol!

    Earlier this year, my friend mentioned on the phone that she had been waiting a long time form a dress then mumbled "smallbutdeadly is normally very good" I was like OMG we use the same seller!!

    I have some really nice friendly buyers etc. One memorable sale was from a man in USA whose surname was the same as the town named in the book! He emailed me to say thanks for the book and that he couldhn't wait to start reading it. I'm guessing his ancestors came from there!
  11. My absolute bestest.eBay.purchase.ever was actually one of the best bargains I have gotten anywhere, and was incidentally one of my first eBay transactions.

    Though I adopted a Buy it Now only policy early on, I did try my hand at a few auctions as an eBay newbie, and one evening in December, many years ago, I was actually searching for something else - some obscure embroidery from some far-flung place, when I happened across a beautiful little rug, old, but not too old, hand-made in a home for home use in a little mountain village somewhere in the Karakols, the seller had family there, and on a visit, had enterprisingly gathered up some of them that the owners were tired of - after all, they made new ones as a matter of course - but he figured, and quite rightly, that there would be a market for them in the US, so he brought them back, and put them on eBay.

    He put his opening bid price at a dollar, and was charging $25 to ship. Not unreasonable, to UPS a rug, even a small one will have some weight.

    Bidding was fast and furious for them, too, from the high hundreds and a couple creeping up into the 4 figures and it was a few minutes before his auctions would end.

    But the prettiest one had somehow escaped anybody's attention, so with like a minute left, I clicked, and bid $2.

    By the time the screen had changed, the auction was over, and so for $26 I obtained a fabulous old hand-knotted rug which to this day occupies the place of honor in the Grand Drawing Room of the stately several square foot Townhome that is Puff Palace! :wlae:
  12. It's hard for me to pin down my best eBay experience, because I have had so many! My best handbag story is my Gucci floral bag with bamboo handles. I saw it in the store and at the time I was laid off so I couldn't get it. I started working again and saw it for a great price on eBay so I got it! It was meant to be, I guess.

    I also bought my wedding dress on eBay -- a silk Vera Wang number -- the fabric is just gorgeous. At 85% off retail, I couldn't go wrong!

    There are so many more, I could go on all day ...
  13. I have had one disapointment, a used lighting fixture that didn't work but I didn't find out til quite a while after it arrived.

    I have had all my bad shipping jobs reimbursed fully and all SNAD refunded.

    I love the hunt. One of my favorite bags is my black boarskin Kate Spade. I found this badly lit one photo auction and had the best time researching the bag and confering with members of a handbag board about it. It was dirty and scratched but I washed the lining, cleaned the leather and love it to pieces. Want the same in red!

    I find stuff I could never find in stores. I love silly little tins shaped like cottages with gardens. I have cleaned out ebay! Have about 70 of the silly things.

    Cheaper. I collect a type of tray, cost $35+ if I can find them here. $10-35 for really great ones on ebay.

    My house is furnished with ebay and thrift store purchases. A wonderful ebayer from Texas brought my dining set to me while he was on a shopping trip my way. Great guy.

    Loving these stories.
  14. I look around our every room, and reflect that were I to attempt to acquire even half of the stuff hanging on the walls (not to mention the handbag closet), I would need to be an extremely wealthy person, and in many cases, a person willing to go nose to nose - and dollar to dollar with museum curators!

    And the average per item price, shipping inlcuded, that I actually paid would be under $15....
  15. That's too cute!