Positive DES experiences?


Sep 23, 2020
Hi all,
Looking for positive experiences from DES - i’ve been looking to get this done for about a year and a half now but the unsatisfaction rate looks extremely high. Know it’s pretty inevitable to have a revision with non incisional as they’re not intended to be permanent but with threads coming out prematurely or loosening, or creases significantly dropping, the revision seems to happen way earlier than expected (average seems to be over a year but under 3 years?). I haven’t come across a ton of successful incisional stories either, as there are so many cases of heavy scarring or obvious folding as the procedure wasnt done with a dynamic fold.

With how popular the surgery is, it’s not surprising there are more negative reviews but it’s just surprising that it’s treated like such a simple procedure when there can be so many complications with your eyes and it’s such a prominent feature! TLDR; if you have a positive experience with this procedure (maybe even despite having to do revision, you’re still happy with the results?) please share as Id love to hear!