Position “requirement” to carry birkin to work?

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  1. Hi, ladies,

    I recently became seriously interested in a birkin and ready to haunt down one. I want a 30cm in a neutral color so I can use on a daily basis. But one concern comes to my mind: do you need to be at certain level to carry a birkin to work? Like if you are only a senior, not even management level, only have a cube, not even an office, is it appropriate to carry a birkin? What are your thoughts on this? Do you carry your birkin to work? Thanks so much for your input!
  2. I carry my birkin to work sometimes.

    I think you should be able to carry it no matter what position you have. Only I would recommend that you use caution because sometimes people can become jealous. One of our other members took her ostrich kelly to work one day and some subtle but negative things began occurring and she didn't get a raise...which she thinks was related to carrying her kelly.
  3. Well, I carry one every day but then I am a VP and part owner. Personally, I don't think you should have to "be in a particular position" to carry one, as long as you are not doing so in a pretentious kind of way. Some organizations are rife with politics in which you can never out-bling/bag/car/dress your boss, but then in a case like that I'd be fired anyway since I just hate rules like that. Plus, not many people here know what it is. So I guess it depends on the environment of the place of employment. It *could* give the impression you are being paid too much. Then again, it *could* give the impression that you value quality and style over trendiness and therefore are a smart, value-driven person.:okay:

    For me, it's one of the most practical bags I own, I toss in anything/everything that fits when I need to (heck, i've even carried car-tools in it)...shoes, water, magazine, the occasional HB egg.
  4. If you can afford it then I believe it has no relevance where you are in your work life, the only issue I can see is if a jealous superior may get sniffy and think they are paying you too much!!
  5. It really depends on where you work and the office politics at your particular place. I echo the concerns that a snippy boss or co-worker could think that you're being paid too much or care too much about frivolous things. On the other hand, you could work in a place like mine where it's mostly men who couldn't tell a Birkin from a duffel bag. In that situation, they wouldn't know or care that it was an H bag, and I wouldn't bring attention to it anyway.

    I did work with someone who got a lot of grief for carrying designer bags even though she could easily afford them (but hers were LV and Chanel, which are more obvious even to casual observers). I think with H, it's easier to fly under the radar.
  6. Yes H is definitely more understated especially if you wear it closed
  7. I was an accountant at one time. I carried my birkin to work. Not many people in my office knew about H. My manager (a woman) was the best boss I have ever encountered. She knew about birkins. After 1/2 year working for her, she asked the CFO to promote me to Treasury Analyst & raised my salary by 25% due to my performance. But of course, not everyone is like her.
  8. I struggle with this question, myself. I am still quite young, in the biotech industry and I know enough about our company politics that I may get negative feedback if I sashayed down the hallways with a bj birkin (my grail bag)...lol, not that I would actually sashay(sp?) or parade around with it, but even though H IS understated, I couldn't help but think it would lift my mood in such a way that I would have more of a...happy, confident air about me, KWIM?

    Also, it may depend on your locale. In my opinion, H is recognizable in Southern California, even if it takes a second glance for the discerning observer. In any case, all this has made me to opt for the Lindy as my first H bag for now. My grail Birkin will have to be a conquest in the hopefully not too distant future.:girlsigh:
  9. I think you have to do what makes you feel comfortable. I wear all my jewelry and carry my birkins to work all the time. I have no problems doing so. Keep in mind though, people do notice, even if you think they don't. I work with a bunch of men and even they notice my earrings, handbags, and shoes. I have no problem with it, but you have to be comfortable to hold your own. If you have one inch of hesitation, then my suggestion is to avoid it all together until you yourself feel comfortable. Once you have one and start using it, you will realize it's just a handbag...albeit, a v expensive one!
  10. I think some Hermes bags are more low key than obvious logos, however, I do advise being careful about this because it can be frowned up if you are in an entry level position. It also depends on your location... if you live in a city like NYC, LA, SF, etc... I think people are more likely to know even understated bags.

    Definitely take office politics in to account and your boss.
  11. The administrative assistant/facilities coordinator in my office carries a Birkin to work every day (unless she is carrying her new LV Damier Azur tote she just got in Hawaii). Ha ha! It's me!

    I am a den mother to 107 needy adults. I also deal with facility/maintenance issues, including bathrooms. (Yup! But I take off all the jewels first!) I out bling every single person I have ever encountered except my jeweler's wife. But I am also extremely friendly and humble, and I know everyone's name here. I have been known to let people try things on and I am always gracious whenever I gush over someone else's things (it's not a competition). I don't show stuff off or carry a pretentious attitude. I already realize that one bag is probably worth more than some cars in the parking lot.

    It also helps that I live in Oregon, so my bags are mostly undercover (oh, nice blue bag!).
  12. Agree with everyone here. Personally I would never carry H to work. I can sort of understand where the superiors are coming from though; as an employee you're hired to work and not parade around as fashionistas (not that H's are ever It bags). When employers see their employee with an H or high-end bags I think it sends off a signal to them that that employee is unprofessional and unreliable. That could be entirely untrue, but I think in general that's the impression/prejudice it gives employers. I'm fine with that perception myself, and I can and am free to carry my bags as much as I want on my days off.
  13. I think the only requirement to carrying a Birkin to work is your ability to afford it. I mean, as long as you're not putting it in the middle of the conference room table during a meeting or lovingly petting it instead of doing your work, I don't see how that matters. People have often said the same thing about LVs and Chanels. And those are much less expensive (though more noticeable to the average person). What about jewelry? Do married ladies with engagement rings over, say 1.5 carats have to leave those at home too?

    Maybe it's a matter of where you're located. Because I see tons of business women with Hermes, Chanels, LVs, etc. in NYC and it's kinda like not a big deal here. I think if you bought it and it's appropriate for the type of job you have, then you should use it.
  14. A friend of mine used to wear a super fancy 18kt gold chocker with a HUGE emeral pendant ...to work ...If anyone said anything about her emerald, she would reply..." If only it WERE real" ....

    I found that a good way to protect herself from the jealous...;)
  15. ^^ I like that response! I'll have to remember it. Sort of the "is that real?" question, but in reverse.