Positano Scarf Tote


Bum Chum
Jan 27, 2006
Hi Ladies *waves hello*,

This is my first posting in the Gucci forum! I've become intrigued with the Positano Scarf Tote and was wondering what the dealio is with the removable straps? Is there any reason why this is seen as a useful feature? Don't get me wrong, I do love the look of the bag and hope to get one, just not sure if there's some additional use for a handle-less tote? Is it purely an aesthetic thing?

Also, does anyone that owns one (or has tried one) have an issue with the bag sagging and losing it's shape? Can the scarf be totally removed and replaced with a different colour/design?

TIA Ladies! ;)
The scarf can be removed and replaced by the same size scarf..As my Gucci SA told me..I dont know why youd remove the straps though..I think thats strange!!LOL!
I almost bought that bag a bunch of times..But my SA talked me out of it saying it was toooo ordinary for me???!!!LOL!Still dont get that comment!!!!

But she knows me well..So I took it as a sign that Id wear it once and be bored by it quickly..LMAO!
Thanks Jill - I like the idea of being able to switch the scarves around. Did you notice if the bag sagged when being on the shoulder? Was it comfortable?
^My SA knows me REALLY well..So I have no clue.I think she meant id tire of it too quickly(BIG surprise!!LOL!)
The bag DOES sag..But I kinda like that ..Im not big on STructured bags
it looks like the bag sags depending on the material. I noticed that the GG material one looks less saggy than the leather ones