positano scarf tote size q

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  1. just bought the tote on bluefly. The website is selling two sizes, large and med. But all I can see is med on gucci.com. And I don't remember seeing two sizes in the store. Anyone can help me w/ this?
  2. which one did you buy?
    I am thinking getting the large, the only one I see!
  3. I remember seeing 2 different sizes in Saks.. You should check out Saks.com and neimanmarcus.com.
  4. This is a VERY big bag...I may buy one in 2 weeks in Aruba..Its only 1 thousand there
  5. well, i was killing my eyeballs this morning just waiting for the small tote to show up from someone else's cart and bought it w/o a second thought. i got it for 918 :smile:
  6. I think bluefly misprice the small tote as the large tote which is 1350. anyone know how much the small tote is?
  7. This is THE BAG I want for this summer! Super jealous of all you ladies!

    Saks' website has the bag in small and medium, and Neiman Marcus has those same sizes in medium and large. What's odd is Saks' small has the same measurements as NM's medium, and even on the NM website both the med and large are listed with the same measurements. It looks like the bigger size is around 12" x 16", which is a BIG tote, and the smaller size is around 8" x 12", which seems more like a comfortable size.

    Hope this helps!