Posible airport purchase?

  1. Hi everyone!

    My OH is flying out tomorrow through an airport which has a Mulberry store so significant discount!!!

    If you were me, what would you choose to buy? I really wanted a wrap but nowhere has any left! What would you go for next, if any thing, given the pending price increase?

    Would be interested to hear your choices and suggestions as I have some ideas but can't choose.

  2. Something classic and from the core range. Nothing seasonal as they go in the sale anyway
  3. I'd definitely go for a classic in a core shade.

    What do you have just now? Without knowing I'd go for something oaky!
  4. I agree with Guns; if you can get a bag, purse etc in the core ranges it will be a good buy, as these never go in the sale
  5. I join the line and say like Guns that get a core bag in classic color.
    I have also been thinking about that what I would buy if sufficent funds appered suddenly, I think I would buy a Alexa in oak as I dont own that icon picece or a sbs in oak or perhaps in chocolate...
    ( or a printed Alexa or a Bays in oak as I still dont know if these are seasonal or not...lovely bags...hope they are not seasonal so they will be here for a long time= greater chance for me to get one myself)
  6. Definitely core bag/ wallet in a classic colour!
  7. Thanks everyone for all your help - looks like a classic then!! I think I've chosen and have rung them to check availability and they have what I'd like. Just need to persuade husband to go there - when he left he seemed to have forgotten he had offered to go????
  8. Looking forward to the reveal icy :tup:
  9. Never mind - OH won't go. We have enough outgoings at the moment so a new Mulberry is not for me at present. Thanks for your help though x