Posh's New Do...

  1. [​IMG]

    I HATE IT!!
  2. OMG!! Did she cut her hair??? She can carry short hair off well but I need more pictures to know if I like this style.

    Love her top.
  3. i was JUST going to post this for LVaddict!! I think its new and edgy. she can pull of anything!
  4. she looks like one of those madam trousseau's wax figure...
    but she's so pretty that she can pull off just about anything.
  5. she is still pretty but i don't like the hairdo. she must have extentions before wit her long hair coz her hair seemed rather thin here.
  6. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks GORGEOUS on her- she has such stunning features. MAN.
  7. I think i like it, need to see the back, she was wearing extensions for a long time.:yes:
  8. I think her hair looks nice, but she needs to gain a little weight, her collarbone scares me. She always looks fashionable.
  9. Is it really cut that way or pulled back? I kinda like it, primarily because now she looks different from every other "It" girl. And yes, let's face it, she looks great with any cut.
  10. That´s what came in to my mind, it looks like it´s pulled back. Altough she cuts her extensions of sometimes and then gets them back later so I don´t think she´ll keep this on for long. I like it though.
  11. She really can pull off anything..but I'm not liking this too much. I want to see more pics too
  12. I hope she keeps this style for a while. Can't wait for her new book!


  13. I like her new look. It is definitely edgy and modern. I think she looks great with long or short hair.

  14. Oh it is cut! I like it! I also like it very much that she hangs out with the fab Burberry designer :biggrin:
  15. I liked Posh better with short hair anyway, the extensions were getting a little tired, IMO, but where is LV Addict???:P