Posh's New Do #2

  1. That didn't last long, did it? [​IMG]
  2. extensions! hah! she looks better with long hair anyway.
  3. I read on another site that this pic was actually taken before she cut it off!
  4. Not that this is ground breaking news or anything, but she does wear extensions, has for a very long time, so her looks are bound to be varied.:shrugs:
  5. Wow, it kinda reminds me of the old clip on ties that the little boys had to wear to church. But I was a big fan of her short do.
  6. I think it looked great short but I actually don't mind it long and straight like this either.
  7. I'm pretty sure this is an old picture of Victoria.
  8. i don't know if this picture is old, but i do prefer posh with longer hair!
  9. Either way, I wanna know when vests came back into style?!?
  10. I like her hair long too, even if it isn't techinally "hers". I think the vest look kinda cute on her..she has that little petite body that can pull it off.
  11. :roflmfao:

    Danica, your are too funny !!
  12. I hope this was taken after she cut her hair, because she definitely looks better with long hair. Short hair does not fit her at all.
  13. She looks good either way :P Personally I prefer long though
  14. She was photographed Thursday night at the Madonna concert in London with the short hair.
  15. The pic in this post with long hair was taken on Aug. 2nd (Wednesday). The pics of the short do are from Thursday.:yes: