Posh, What have you done?

  1. Oh my.. these articles.. it's just saddedning.. :crybaby:
    212srpl.jpg 212svab.jpg 212svue.jpg 212swf6.jpg
  2. I cant even look at the third picture, thats horrible! The first one looks photoshopped though. What magazine is this? Are they reputable? That poor little thing, look at her!

    Sorry OT -- I like Victorias hair in the last picture.
  3. posh is not THAT thin...
  4. I agree, Posh isn't THAT thin!
  5. People have to really stop blaming celebrities for their poor choices in life.:Push: YOU have to take responsibility for all your actions. I truly feel bad for her situation and I hope that she can come out of this but, in order to do that she has to realize that this is her problem, that she created, because she wanted to become thinner.
  6. OMG.. it's just way too scary for me to see
  7. I only thought that one looked photoshopped, not all. Thats terrible. .VB isnt THAT thin, I guess anorexia took over in her process to look like her. I cant even look at those pictures. .but I agree with Bagasms, I dont think they should be making it out as if VB is to blame.
  8. :sad: This is really sad....she definitely need professional help:crybaby:
  9. i am speechless!:wtf:
  10. It's not Poshs fault thhough- refering to you title. The girl in the story clearly has a problem and please keep in mind that many argue anorexia is not a later aquired disorder but is harboured in one.

    abandoned- the mag is a scandal tabloid but I still doubt it wuld have photoshopped the pics. Thhose looks real. *shudder, takes a bite of cake*
  11. Posh is not as thin as the girl in the magazine but she is not at a healthy weight. I love Posh's style and chic-ness but I am not sure why she thinks she looks so good thin? Every man I know thinks she looks very very anorexic...
  12. it is sad but definately it is not posh to blame for that.
  13. EXACTLY!!! you can not blame posh for this!
  14. How is this Posh's fault exactly?:wtf: