Posh the Designer

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    Posh Beckham is taking over the world. From Paris (above) to Tokyo (below) she’s spreading her fashion message. She was in Tokyo yesterday promoting her new jewelry line and also talking about her new fashion website where women and fans can buy everything Posh from jeans to jewelry.
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  2. I never really liked her Rock and Republic jeans she designed :shrugs:

    She looks great though!
  3. She reminds me of Mel Peachey. She looks great in these photos!
  4. should be interesting.
  5. amazing how good someone can look with a millionnaire husband and some plastic surgery. there's hope for the rest of us mere mortals!!!
  6. that's mean!! anyways, i think that she's a fabulous designer judging from her rock & republic stuff she's done..
  7. She looks fab.
  8. anyone have a link to the website?
  9. i agree, she is awesome and i LOVE her jeans! I hope her jewelry will be just as good.. can't wait.
  10. Love her jeans. Hate what she's done to her body. This skinny trend is getting way out of control. Nicole Richie, Kate Boshworth, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan(who definetely looks better, now that she gained like 15 lbs.) and now her. Make this stop.
  11. I love her hair...
  12. she was my favourite Spice Girl! hehe
  13. posh rocks :yahoo::biggrin:
  14. I like that pic. I wish her luck with the success of her line.
  15. i don't like her jeans. i don't know any of her new fashion products.
    but i believe some people may have a GREAT taste, but they might not be a GREAT designer.