Posh Spice not wanted by designers....

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  1. Wow...that is harsh!!!
  2. I totally agree with the article........Victoria does seem to look "fake" most of time (but she is worshipped over in the Hermes forum for her dizzying array of bags).
  3. Oh she's been called worse before... one of the WAGs, and never used in a flattering way. They're all so plasticky!

    I remember hearing a rumor once that Gucci freaked out when she was wearing one of their designs and asked why VB was given one of their designs to wear for free... apparently she had bought it herself at retail price, but the designer STILL wasn't happy that she would be associated with that brand.

    VB is not known for great taste... while I do like some of her bags, she always looks like she's trying too hard.
  4. only for the bags, though...and if she'd stop buying them, there may be more for us normal gals!!!!;)
  5. I don't love VB but that was a little too harsh IMO... :s
  6. that was pretty messed up, but this is weird i was just thinking the other day that she looks like someone ALWAYS dressed her. i still think she's pretty though, but 15 punds wouldn't kill her.
    by the way what is a WAG?
  7. i like VB because despite all her efforts, she is still obviously an imperfect and flawed individual. the article was largely correct in it's assessment of her efforts, and it reflects how thousands of ordinary women go about their lives every day, maxing out their credit cards to buy what amounts to designer body armour so that they can believe for a moment that no one will notice what's really there. it's a testament to the fact that money can't buy happiness or cure insecurity, and an important lesson to all of us!
  8. ^ WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriends of the England national football team. It came into common use during the 2006 World Cup, held in Germany, but it was being used before that. It is used negatively...
  9. I think that was a bit harsh...I like her, and she's human, so give her break. That was overly mean. I can't imagine reading something like that about myself. Yes, I know she's famous and some would argue that "she's asking for it", but I still feel bad for the girl. She should be allowed to be insecure like everyone else.
  10. why is it used in a negative way megs?
  11. Similar things were posted about her. I still say that VB has incredible fashion
  12. That's what I was thinking when reading that article... So she is insecure? Who isn't? Why not just say you don't like her style and be done with it? It's not like that writer or any of us have insight into her personal feelings - or any famous person's for that matter. It just seemed like it was hitting below the belt. :noworry:
  13. That Was A Harsh Article!
  14. OMG, I thought I was the only one who though this. I just posted essentially this same thing in another thread about her.