Posh snubbed by posh club!

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    6 December 2006


    WHO would expect Posh to be refused entry to a bar and then have to queue up for 40 minutes. . .even if it IS in Hollywood?

    But that's what happened to Victoria Beckham, who should've been greeted with a red carpet at Los Angeles's Polo Lounge.

    Imagine the mortification it caused the poor lamb. . .

    There she is, thinking she's taking Tinseltown by storm and planning to move down the street from her best friends, the Cruises.

    There's a rumoured Beverly Hills clothing deal on the table, a handful of TV offers and then boom! : 'Sorry, madam, we don't know who you are'.

    And so it was that an ex-Spice Girl was turned away from a VIP lounge.

    Posh, 32, was even forced to wait patiently on her unfeasibly high heels as a host of non-entities with bad facelifts traipsed past. . . for almost three quarters of an hour.

    Our source explained: "The Polo Lounge was full and Victoria queued, very politely as it happened, then asked the doorman if she could go in.

    "She was rumoured to be meeting a buyer from the hip Kitson boutique.

    "The doorman said she'd have to leave or wait until the place emptied, but then Victoria pointed out that she'd been there before, 'with the Cruises'.

    "The guy's face paled and he obviously remembered who she was.

    It's a credit to her that she was polite and didn't pull the celebrity routine."

    And we don't blame her. Vic, right, could become a cult designer if she works with Kitsons, which is so hot it has a VIP fast lane. And we know that Posh won't be queueing THERE. . .
  2. kitson has a VIP lane? hmm been there plenty of times, Never seen one lol
  3. I like how she was being polite and didn't pull a Sienna Miller!
  4. wow, she was polite, that is good for her. I really think, she is a nice person, you know not like the other celebrities, who think they own th world.
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. awwwww that is so typical of VB :love::heart: loves her
  7. I'm really surprised that she didn't throw a tantrum like Siena Miller. Kudos to her!
  8. Sienna is a movie star.
  9. Holy cow, she's only 32?!?! She looks at least 45.
  10. VB, to be fair, is generally quite a classy lady (despite the way the media portrays her)! i like her, though her sense of fashion is a little far out sometimes
  11. I think its nice she didnt freak out too but i doubt this story its Daily Star after all and they are famous for despising The Beckhams.
    Plus would Victoria Beckham go to a bar without calling and making a reservation first?
    And why are there no pictures of her waiting in line?:wlae:
  12. Wow she is an amazing lady!!! :love: her!!!
  13. Lol
  14. Being patient, polite and classy always helps!! Love you Vicky!!
  15. I never even heard about her that much until I joined TPF. She is not too popular here in LA like in the UK. I like that she was cool.