Posh photo-Holy boobies batman!

  1. Someone needs to tell Posh that footballs belong on the field, not down her shirt! Yikes!


    Did she get them reinflated or does she just have the world's best push up bra (lol and if so please tell me what brand!!)?
  2. Yikes! Any bigger and higher and she'll be whacking her chin when she walks!
  3. :wtf: wowzer
  4. woah!! down girls, down! :shrugs:
  5. definitely a push up bra. . . otherwise her plastic surgeon has NO ethics! That would be a bad job!
  6. I'm sure she is wearing a push-up bra. I guess this is why she doesn't wear a bra- see what happens when she does?:roflmfao:
  7. she needs to lose the push up bra. doesn't she know guys prefer "ski slopes"?
  8. she looks so unbalanced being so totally skinny everywhere else!
  9. Ouch. That actually looks painful!

    She looks a little cartoon-ish.

    Whyyyy V whyy? YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! Why do this to ur self!?!?
  10. ^^ exactly whyyyy? sometimes less is more vb lose the push up
  11. why on earth did she get those horrible implants anyways? 75 lb girls don't look right with DD boobs
  12. LOL have you seen pictures of Jordan? She's evidence that there's one or two unethical Plastic surgeons floating around the UK. ouch ouch ouch. It hurts me just to look at pictures of her. She's like a 38ZZZ

  13. I love Posh, but let's deflate thoes babies just a bit!

    Jordan, holy cow! why oh why would she want such BIG boobs when she is so tiny!
  14. wowza!
  15. posh has a great push up.The girls are a bit out there though!