Posh On Main 60% OFF Sale

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  1. Thanks for the post :biggrin: There's still some good deals left.
  2. Do they sell authentic goods?
  3. Yes they do. I've bought my YSL from them before.
  4. Yes! And they have great customer service. Purchased both of my Paratys from them as well as a bunch of shoes.
  5. I love Posh on Main! I would so get those Valentino d'Orsays if they had my size!!! :nuts: Somebody buy them!
  6. Someone PLEASE buy that Valentino Petale and put me out of my misery! If I didn't just buy a $XXXX bag I would have bought that one.
  7. Me too!!! I had been eyeing it for a while but I also just purchased a new bag...I keep going back to see if it's gone...SOMEONE BUY IT!!! LOL!!!
  8. ^^She's still there, I say go for it:biggrin:
  9. I so wish it was the green one!!! Boo hoo!

    Those Chloe boots in caramel are gorgeous! :thinking: