Posh not wanted....

  1. Money can't buy style.
  2. I've actually grown to like her over the top style. The tanning/thinness/extension may be a bit much but it is interesting. lol.

    In all her interviews she seems super down to earth and funny which surprised me. She is also very generous and involved in tons of charities.
  3. but what do you think hermes makes of it?? sh certainly carries a lot of their bags!
  4. Hmmm....I too wonder what Hermes thinks. I disagree with the article's part where it states she is "trying desperately to be well regarded" for what she wears b/c if that were the case she would never wear those hotpants out in public with that Birkin. I think she doesn't give a flying fig what people think of her otherwise she'd be trying desperately to channel Sienna or Kate like so many of the young starlets- are doing because they are "trying desperately to be well-regarded" for what they wear. While I'm not a big fan of the way she dresses and can see why Hermes would possibly frown upon her sense of style as not in keeping with the traditional Hermes prototype, I agree with Japster--I admire her for being who she wants and not trying to mold herself into anyone's preconceived idea of style. Okay, that was a long route to your question GF, but I would HOPE that Hermes wouldn't care, and given the amount of bags she has, perhaps that's indicative of their true feelings---assuming she hasn't been raiding CDL's stash b/c she's been banned from Hermes! :lol:
  5. Hermes would probably like if she wore more than panities and t-shirt with their bags. :yes: (well, at least it was not a thong...):flowers:
  6. I would guess Hermes doesn't care. She is a very loyal customer though and I can admire that good part of her taste. LOL.
  7. I have to admit, I'd rather see VB carry a Birkin than Jane Birkin.......she really drags it down....
  8. I read this somewhere else.
  9. yep, it's from todays UK daily mail.
  10. That article sounds awfully preachy. I agree with orchids and Japster. I don't care for how VB dresses, but it doesn't bother me that she does. To each her own, and as long as she isn't putting me in hot pants, then I'm happy for her to express herself in her own sartorial fashion.
  11. Man, she just laided it all out on her!...that was harsh !:amuse: Poor skinny rich girl.
  12. Wow............ What a cruel, cold and nasty article.......I couldn't even finish it and I'm not even a big fan of VB's. I do love to see her with her Hermes bags and her kids though....

    I don't think that VB carrying a Birkin or Kelly has tarnished or brought down the Hermes brand at all....I feel like I'm missing something here :shrugs:
  13. In the begining of Fashion Babylon * a tell-all of the fashion industry* Tom ford who was working for Gucci at the time called his PR in London and said," Get that Woman out of my clothes!"

    poor Posh, and funny enough I was thinking about it today...
  14. I don't feel sorry for her, she is just a show off. Why does she have to parade around all the time? She is too 'done' - it is true, she does need to relax, and we need to see her looking like a human being not a fashion robot.