Posh JJ vs. Botkier Bianca

  1. I think they're both gorgeous bags. To be honest, since they both LOOK fabulous, I would have to judge by the leather texture. I'd go with whichever bag has the softest leather.
  2. oooh, that's gonna be a tough call. i LOVE bianca leather!
  3. I just bought the J.J. :tup:; my thread is here...

    On the leather, it is slightly distressed/crinkly, and thinner and lighter-weight than the thick, smooshy leather that is on most MJ bags. The leather is coated so that it has a sheen/luster to it. I would say that the leather is somewhat similar to later-year Balenciaga bags, if you are familiar with those. In fact, the leather is so lightweight that the bag nearly collapses like a Balenciaga when it's not filled up. It's slouchy and not bulky. I really like it! And I think that the sheen makes it look prettier and more dressy than the Botkier.
  4. I just ordered the bordeaux Posh JJ so that gets my vote. ;) I am not a fan of the Botkier's front pockets...they are too gathered (which makes them look wrinkled, imho).
  5. ITA! My vote goes to the Posh JJ.
  6. you guys convinced me:smile:. i ordered the jj in bordeaux this afternoon.
  7. Great choice--it's a beautiful bag!!
  8. Congrats! I saw a bordeaux JJ tonight in my local Nordstrom's, and it was very pretty.