Posh JJ or Dr. Q - Help me choose!

  1. I decided to treat myself to my first Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I am really excited, but I want to choose well. Right now I've got Posh JJ in Chocolate and Dr. Q. in Nice Tan at home on a trial run and can't decide. These two bags seemed best on me from a recent test run IRL, but unfortunately, I'm no longer near any stores to continue my research. They are very different, I know, and I don't know what to choose!

    Posh JJ was the first one I was drawn to at the store. I think it's a good size (I am 5'0, medium build) and I am accustomed to a shoulder bag. I thought the shiny leather was cool and unusual-looking. It's got great organization. I was drawn to the Chocolate because I am always drawn to brown, but now, after reading the forum, I am wondering if the brown is too boring of a choice and if I should have looked closer at the Bordeaux. Anyway, I passed it by because I was concerned a little about the double-zip top, but after reading this forum now I think I can deal.

    So I brought Dr. Q in Nice Tan home instead. It's gorgeous! I love the style and the soft, vintage-y looking leather, but I don't think it's as practical. I had the same experience as some others have pointed out: it really seems to lose its shape as a shoulder bag so it works better as an arm bag, and it also doesn't really keep things organized. I am worried that these things will really annoy me over time.

    Which do you guys prefer? Does one make a better fashion statement to you? I want something sophisticated and cool, but not super trendy. I am tempted to keep both, but I am not really a bag-switcher. I will wear one every day for a season until I am ready for a change and then it's time to go shopping again!
  2. I like the Posh JJ! But it's really up to you..which one do you think you'll use more?
  3. Posh JJ in bordeaux
  4. I have the Dr. Q in bordeaux, and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    So that's my vote.

  5. I can't find Dr. Q in Bordeaux anywhere, so unfortunately, that won't work ;). Zappo's has a JJ in Bordeaux, though, so that's definitely an option. For those who have seen it IRL, is the Bordeaux much better than the Chocolate?

    Here's an update: After trying Dr. Q out today, I have to say that it was better than I thought, practicality-wise. In fact, it was almost easier using Dr. Q as an arm bag than using the thick JJ straps as a shoulder bag. So, I think both will work fine, and now it's just about style.

    So now which would you pick and why??
  6. i would pick the dr. q hands down. it's a more classic looking bag, so when you're carrying it next fall, it won't look dated. the glazed leather of the posh jj make it look as if it were constructed out of vinyl or pvc, imo. also, since it has two zippers, when the bag is open, it leaves this awkward flap of leather hanging in the middle. i would think that with use, that detail would become bothersome and inconvenient especially if you're going to be reaching in and our of your bag a lot.

    i own the dr. q and i absolutely love it. it seems to be one of the more popular mbmj bags this season with reason! i can't get over how sumptuous the leather is. to be honest i think it's nicer than the leather on some of my mj collection bags!
  7. I bought the Posh JJ in Bourdeaux, and the double zipper is a pain. The zipper is awkward to close smoothly. You have to constantly hold it on one end or the other to zip it. Additionally, you worry about all the tugging, and how it wear with time, and use. Hope that is helpful.