Posh & Becks Impersonators, What Do You Think ?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Not bad. I'm not sure if her outfit is really something Posh would wear but if I saw them on the street I'd do a double take.
  3. I agree. Not bad. There are a lot of impersonators that look like the real star (and a lot more that don't!).
  4. The David is great, but I don't know about the Posh !
  5. I agree that the David looks great but don't know with the Posh too.
  6. "Posh" lhas that shocked angry...but doesn't look like her...but Beckham looks better..
  7. David's looks better, I agree
  8. i don't think either of them are that good.
  9. "Posh" needs to lose some weight...

    But I agree David looks pretty good!
  10. I think "David" looks good, but "Posh" needs to be a bit taller and thinner.
  11. Me neither.
  12. They look nothing like the real ones!!
  13. good try but nah, not even close.
  14. Not trying to sound like an ass... but: They wish.

    But I give them kudos for trying. :smile:
  15. bleugh to both