Posh bags 5 million:shoes and accessories deal+some new pics in LA

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  1. Victoria Beckham goes to “Creative Artist Agency” to meet her agent Jeff Frasco, in Los Angeles. 17th January 2007


    January 18, 2007: After touring St. Matthew's Parish School in the Pacific Palisades, Victoria Beckham pays another visit to The Grove in Los Angeles, California to do some shopping. Beckham is pictured here arriving at the store Abercombie & Fitch.




    Fashion queen Victoria wins deal to keep Hollywood pals well-heeled
    Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley
    WE could never accuse Victoria Beckham of lazing around with her perfectly pedicured feet up.

    While husband David has been sorting out his £125million move to LA Galaxy, she has been busy finalising a megabucks deal of her own - to produce a range of top-notch accessories.

    Mum-of-three Victoria, 32, will put her name to a range of suitably Posh shoes and handbags that will be sold in exclusive boutiques across America, such as LA's Kitson.

    The US deal - for a separate collection of glamorous day and evening totes - is worth £5million.

    That is on top of the millions raked in by her best-selling range of denims and her sunglasses lines.

    A well-placed source says: "Victoria's a real stickler for detail so everything will be perfect. Her shoes will be as sexy as Christian Louboutin's - there's a huge buzz about them over here."

    Victoria, who already designs a hit range of bags in Tokyo with Samantha Thavasa, celebrated the new deal by taking her good friend Katie Holmes for a slap-up dinner at LA's The Ivy on Tuesday night.

    Our spy adds: "Katie was so thrilled for Victoria. The move to LA may seem like it's all about David's career but she isn't resting on her laurels.

    "Her fashion projects were going great guns in Europe. And to have landed such a major US deal before she and her family have even moved there is amazing. And it'll open doors to other great things. Her A-list pals will be seen wearing her designs so a clothes range is a natural progression."

    Since arriving in LA last week, Posh has also been busy house-hunting.

    She has inspected a number of swish, multi-million pound properties ahead of her and David's move across the Pond this summer.

    And she has also been checking out prospective schools for Brooklyn, who will be eight in March - her other sons Romeo and Cruz are still pre-school age. So far, Victoria is said to be "very keen" on the Catholic St Matthew's Parish School in the upmarket Brentwood area.

    So that sticks the (stilettoed) boot into rumours that the Beckhams are about to become involved in Tom Cruise's Scientology sect...
  2. It's nice to see her in jeans, she doesn't wear them a lot lately and she looks great. She got a nice deal. I only hope they're not stupid and won't get involved in scientology as many celebs.
  3. She looks great in jeans and a little jacket!! but then again she looks great in everything!! OY!
  4. Well she isn't pulling megamillions like hubby but she ears her keep and shopping sprees I would say.
  5. Looking good! Excited for that line of bags and shoes.
  6. seriously tho, who would she be if she wasnt married to David beckham. can you really see people buying spice girls shoes?.. that is, IF she could get that sort of deal on her own
  7. News just came in that VB is NOT joining Scientology as she does not see what it means to donate huge amounts of money just for a belief!
  8. Cool! Can't wait!
  9. I'n glad for her! ;)
  10. she looks really good!