Posh and other WAGS = designers' kiss of death?

  1. I had no idea they felt Victoria was a brand threat -- I think she's fabulous! Maybe they're a little more highbrow in the UK and don't like the flashy, blingy style?

    This is from the Telegraph:

    Designers are fighting to protect their brands from being endorsed by the 'wrong' sort of celebrity, says Clare Coulson

    here's some of the article:

    Years ago, when Tom Ford was creative director at Gucci, he spotted Victoria Beckham out and about wearing some of his designs. Worried about the negative effect that this could have on the brand, he allegedly called his London PR and demanded to know who was responsible for putting Posh into the outfit.

    The PR told him that she had bought the clothes at full price at the Gucci shop. Ford is reported to have screeched: "Well, somebody stop her!"

    Whether or not this story is true, it illustrates the problem that high-fashion houses now face; once a label's clothes or accessories are seen on who a designer deems to be the "wrong" person, its credibility can plummet.

    As a group, no one has done more to kill off a handful of trends and labels than high-profile footballers' wives. Being WAGGED is now the greatest danger facing any new It-bag or hot label.
  2. That is just wrong. That the "wrong person" will wear the clothes. Thats out right descrimination that they only want certain type of people to wear their clothes. That is horrible that designers think that way if they do.
  3. IMO, everyone has a right to buy what they want and wear what they want as long as it isn't offensive.
  4. Amen, ladies!!!:yes: I think designers need a doze of reality!!!:nuts:
  5. That's so mean!
  6. Right, and from what I've seen its not like alot of designers are 'all that' themselves.
  7. I find Victoria and most other footballers wives quite boring and unoriginal, but still, I think Tom Ford would rather see Victoria wearing his outfit than a fatso like me. So I'm totally against that discrimination since he should be happy that people like his design and has the money to buy it. Discrimination is just wrong anyways, as I said, if people can afford it, and they want it, they should get it no matter if they're super original or fashion victims, thin or fat, black or white, etc etc.
  8. HA HA HA... so funny, i'm glad tom ford's with me on the view of the WAG's dresses. sorry girls... i have to pro tom, although he has to be proud case vb bought his dresses in full price. not mayny celebrities DID THAT. and i think people knows that most celebs DON'T BUY their own dress, and figured that if someone wear the dress from certain designer, that means that the designer's endorse her.
  9. i think VB is a fashion icon.. i dont understand TF worries!
  10. That´s the uk press for you! They hate Victoria, always have.
  11. I don't think the UK press hate VB, as she is on magazine covers here every week, and she sells papers! BUT for a long time she had a very chavvy (cheap) image, and was not the style icon she is now! She has only become a style icon recently, and before that she was naff central!
  12. They sure don´t talk that nice about her even now..:shrugs: Of course she is on the covers cause she sells loads of magazines.
  13. I agree the UK press can be a bit mean to VB. At then end of the day though when she wears something it does boost sales - you think they would be happy!
  14. wow...this is pretty mean.....i mean, i can UNDERSTAND why designers are anxious to protect their brand's image, and it is true that in this day and age...paparazzi is everywhere, and celebs are photographed with designer things..and i guess designers dont want to be associated with "notorious" pseudo celebs..........but all and all, this is just so mean, and i like victoria!!
  15. The only reason there is a "kiss of death" to designers because in the UK, WAGS aren't favoured much. Yeah sure they're in the newspapers, magazines etc. a lot but they're seen as women who just care about their image and live off their boyfriend's, fiances and husband's money. Yeah they're always in the latest outfit and are carrying the latest bag but because of the stereotype attached to them some people prefer not to buy the products because of the same stereotype and that's why Designers are not wanting every celebrity to carry their bags. Especially when some can pull off really trashy, such as Daniella Westbrooke (Soap star, not a WAG) in a complete Burberry outfit with her daughter.