Posh and LV

  1. Does Posh (Victoria Beckham) ever wears LV?

    I always spot her with various Hermes bags all the time, has anyone ever seen her with LV stuff?

    I've seen David Beckham with LVs before tho, very hot! Posh should follow her hubby's style... lol



    Matt, I am now so jealous of you! Beckham's got the same sac squash as yours!!
  2. There are some pics of Posh with LV in the Celebrity thread, I'm sure. One just recently of her with an LV case of some sort inside an Hermes bag.
  3. David is so cool. Skyrider do you more have pictures of male celebrities sightings with LVs?
  4. Victoria had a lot of lv stuff. even the special editions:yes::tup:
  5. saw a pic of her carrying a speedy...:smile:
  6. I've seen lots of pics of her carrying LV in the celeb thread.
  7. I have seen alot of LV on her.
  8. I've seen Posh with LV...sooooo sharp!!!
  9. she has a lot of LV.
  10. i've seen her with accessories but never any bags. well no thats not true i saw her with a graffiti speedy but the pic was really old. now a days i think she goes more for hermes. as you grow you evolve so maybe she just transitioned out of lv
  11. I've seen her with Hermes more.
  12. Resize of victoria-beckham-ny-fashion-week-20.jpg
  13. Ditto, she must have like 100+ of Hermes.
  14. I've seen her with LV.
  15. Great pic! LoL, she keeps her lil LV inside her birkin!