Pose with your Priscilla please....

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  1. I am almost there in collecting my bag fund to finally get my Priscilla.

    The only time I saw it is from elux pictures and never seen it irl.

    Anyone has pictures posing with their Priscillas?
    Black or white...i am still undecided on that either....
  2. There are pics of people's Priscilla in the visual aides thread. I dont own it or I would post a pic for ya. Try there if no one answers this thread.
    Captainspongebob has a black one I believe. Not sure if she posed with it.
  3. Here ya go :smile:


  4. Wow I love this bag, it really is stunning :heart:
  5. Oh cute...I love it. Thanks captain sponge bob :smile: I have rough idea on the size now
  6. very nice :smile: i love this bag.
  7. You are welcome tresorchic. It is a nice bag; comfy and holds quite a bit. Not too big and too small :smile:
  8. I have wanted to see modeling pics of the priscilla but never started a thread. Thanks!!
  9. Gorgeous CaptainSpongeBob! Making me want one now. :sweatdrop:
  10. i saw a white one irl yesterday at work and it was NICEEE!
  11. Wow! CaptainSpongeBob HOT! HOT! HOT! I think I want this bag too!
  12. I've been wanting this bag too! In white, never seen it IRL... however, just splurged on the Noe, so Priscilla will have to be my piggy bank fund... heehee, Love to see the modeling bags... I love this bag sooooo much! Technically, would ya call it a bowling bag??? style?
  13. It looks to me like it will be one of those lifetime love bags.... I adore Priscilla:love: :love: :love:
  14. i dun own this bag but saw a girl holding it in white and OMG it looked so classy.
  15. this looks great! :smile: