Portrait of your purse!

  1. That's so interesting!!
  2. Fantastic! I love this! Thank you for bringing her to our attention!
  3. I LOVE it!
  4. I love her work and would love to have a portrait painted of my purse. I can't wait until she publishes her book.
  5. really nice..
    thanx for the article..its interesting :smile:
  6. lol I love how it says 'The hard-working bag' in the middle.
  7. Neither can I. Here are a few more of her paintings.
    113islandlife15_b.jpg 137.JPG 138.JPG 401.JPG
  8. So charming! I love her style & the witty little comments. Thanks for posting :flowers:
  9. Thank you for posting this! This is fascinating. I want a portrait of my precious bag too!
  10. that would be so much fun to have done... hmmm... I did want to head to Paris this fall/winter again anyway...!
  11. Lovely!