portofino bay hotel universal?

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  1. has anyone stayed at the portofino bay hotel at universal studios florida?
    my dad just told me hes booked it for my 21st birthday. it looks so nice on the website but i dont know anyone thats stayed there.
    im really excited but im so bummed that my fav ride, back to the future, has closed:crybaby:
  2. no one:shrugs:
    there must be some theme park fans on here.
  3. What a wonderful thing for him to do for you. I wish you the best. I am sure some people here might have been there.
    Hope you have a great birthday.
  4. I've stayed there...and that hotel is awesome...one of my faves in orlando besides the hard rock... back to the future closed in june...but while you're there try to visit islands of adventure as well its tons of fun!
  5. I stayed there the weekend it opened and couldn't breathe because of the new carpet. haha!! but it's very nice and I have stayed since then and liked it.
  6. Let us know how it is...never been there..have fun!
  7. thanks mzkyie. im so excited, i love islands of adventure too! i cant wait ill be 21 so i can go to the clubs in city walk too.
  8. I stayed last year. They have an awesome spa! You can walk to the unverisal park or take a water taxi. The food was very good. Nice rooms. We would def. go back!
  9. I think Samantha Brown from the travel channel went there on her "Great Hotels" show. It looked awesome!