Portobello review and mod pics!

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  1. Ok, I went to see this last week and swore I wouldn't buy it..I went back today to tell them that I wasn't going to buy, and I bought it! lol

    This bag really is the perfect de hobo! It's so soft and slouchy, the strap is..well, it's perfect, it's a little stiff, and it might end up with cracking issues, but it's really pretty.

    The drop is very low, so definitely not an armpit bag (I love my artsy, but don't carry it because the drop just isn't low enough. This one is fine, and it definitely seems like as the canvas gets softer it will be even slouchier.

    I definitely love slouchy bags, and this one is fabulous! The lining is dark brown, which makes it dark inside, but it's so chocolately and dreamy that I don't mind.

    My SA would not give in and let me bring it home today, but it's being shipped TOMORROW!

    Here are some regular pics...

    And here's a horrible picture of me..lol..but gives a good idea of the under arm clearance! lol I didn't have a jacket with me, but I'm pretty sure this will fit over a jacket with no problem!

    Hope this helps any on- the- fencers!
  2. Thanks for sharing. This looks awesome on you. Which size did you get?
  3. Forgot to mention that..lol..this is the GM size.
  4. Hi Laura - thanks for the great pics!

    Did you try on the PM? Or was it just too small?

  5. I am on the fence and this looks so lovely on you! At first I was trying to choose between the speedy b and the Trevi PM. I decided on the Trevi then I saw the pictures of the Portobello. What's a girl to do? Hopefully some more pics will go up tomorrow when the bag release...
  6. I love it! It looks really nice on you. I love the DE
  7. I tried the pm last week when I was in, and it was way too small for me- but still really cute!
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    Congrats.. It looks great on you.
  9. Congratulations! It is a gorgeous bag...
  10. =0 i love it! looks very pretty on you
  11. looks great on you:smile:
  12. Looks great on you - congrats!! I WANT!!!!
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Beautiful! Luv the bag. I saw the rivington in the background. I have that bag and luv it!!
  15. Congrats, it looks nice on you!