Portobello PM or Speedy B Damier

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  1. Okay ladies I am second guessing myself. I am going back and forth between these two bags. I thought I had my mind made up. Which one, I need help. :shame:
  2. Speedy b - More ways to carry and there have already been some issues the strap on the Portobello.
  3. I prefer Speedy B. It is a classic bag and pretty bag compare to Portobello. If you are after a bigger bag, I would recommend Artsy over Portobello.
  4. At first, I wanted the Portobello and nothing beats my Speedy B 35. Or so I say. :smile:. My. vote is for the Speedy B.
  5. My vote go for speedy b damier...
    You will love it ..
    Good luck!
  6. speedy b. I just tried on the portobello yesterday and was not impressed. But speedt b is cute! :smile:
  7. I prefer the speedy B:smile:
  8. Speedy B Damier for me - the shoulder strap choices make it more flexible
  9. I have the Speedy B DE and love it. I tried on the Portobello PM yesterday and have concerns about the shorter handle over coats whereas the Speedy B is perfect with the strap. And, the Speedy is just so classic anyway, so between the two, it is definitely my choice.
  10. Speedy B - you have both the handle and shoulder strap as options to carry. Portobello is nice, but a completely different look than the speedy b and you must love the hobo style.
  11. LVoe LVoe my Speedy B!
  12. I'm in the minority here and say the Portobello. Every time I tried on the Speedy B, I could never get it to look right on me when hanging on my shoulder. It always ended up looking shapeless and ill fitting on me. Others love it, so I'm sure they got it to look right on them. I just never could. I do think the Speedy looks great as a handheld bag.
  13. I think you should go Speedy B. I love the Portobello but the Speedy B is definitely more versatile !
  14. I agree with the above. No offense to anyone out there, but to me personally ultimately the speedy looks best as a handheld bag.

    Portobello is lovely! There are issues with the strap as it is very thick, and unlike the Sully it is treated leather so it won't have the same give of vachetta, but it is still really beautiful. It will also be rare as already I am seeing quite a few speedy b handbags around in both mono and DE.

    Ultimately, if it is a shoulder bag you are after, I say get the one that is made to be a shoulder bag...not the tradtionally handheld bag that has been altered to be a shoulder bag.

    But it is your decision so really you just have to go down to your closest boutique, try both on and see which one puts the widest grin on your face :smile:
  15. speedy b - still on my wishlist