Portobello or GST


Dec 16, 2009
trekking the face of the earth
Hello Ladies,

I am so impressed with the exchange of information about Chanel handbags on this forum.

I need a vote between Chanel Portobello and GST. My criteria: it has to be roomy enough to fit a folder and paperwork plus knicknacks and a compartment for cards, etc.

I need a expert advice regarding an investment as pricey as Chanel


Jul 24, 2009
The GST is quite roomy. I prefer it over the Portobello. I purchased the portobello this past August and returned it because I was not comforable with the 09A bag handles not being able to bend. I prefer the the chain and leather which fits at the shoulder. Both have many compartments. The portobello had a center enclosed pocket that snaps in the bag I my memory serves me correctly. Some other TPFers may als be able to post pictures of various models of Portobello.

I use the GST almost daily. It has three major compartments and some side pockets for smaller items. The center attachjed pocket zips to insure security of items. There are some people who have complaints that the GST may be heavy and the shoulder straps may slip off your shoulders. However, it do not have that problem. I carry my bag to work. I put folders, papers and many other small office things in my bag (i.e., cell phone, PDA, pencils, pens, my WOC and three sets of keys). I find that I can carry a lot of stuff in it and I find it very practical, classy, and stylish.


Apr 15, 2008
Such a tough choice! I adore the look of the Porty, but would go for a GST for a more timeless piece.