Portland (PDX) Meetup!

  1. I thought I'd set up a thread for those of who want to meetup:drinkup::drinks::party: in Portland for a meet.
    I know Candace said she can meet before February!

    Who's game?:tup:
    Someone suggest a weekday or weekend, and an alternative day just in case we all can't make the first suggestion.
  2. Oh, gosh...I would love to come and join you guys if the date works for me! Can't ever get enough of my H sisters!
  3. Jan 16th Wednesday or Jan 19th Saturday or Jan 20th Sunday or Jan 23rd Wednesday.

    Let's whittle it down.
    Let's pin down a place too!
  4. Wow I could probably do any of those days, the weekdays it would have to be dinner, the weekends I could do anytime.

    I'll only be gone all of Feb and part of April, so if it is too short of notice or too close to the other meetup, I GUESS I can wait until March! heehee

    And I love me some German food so the Rheinlander is always a classy decision! Or we could do downtown off Broadway by the big Nordie's somewhere?
  5. PS. you're a sweetie Elizabeth...I'm sorry I didn't write back to you yet - I had duty all weekend and just got home this evening...it's another 12 day work week for me, haha.
  6. Rheinlander sounds great!
    I've driven by twice and who's going to turn down shopping??!!
    How about Jan 16th? Harley does that work for you?
  7. I would prefer the 16th or 19th as opposed to the end of the month - I'll need all that time for packing up all my stuff and tying up loose ends for travel.
  8. i love going to pdx. I could do thursday the 17 if that could work or if it needs to be a wednesday I am off wednesday the 30th. I'm only an hour away on thursday but I'm stuck at work for 24hours on the 16 and I can't make the one in seattle this weekend either. but if not this one I'm up for another. I so prefer pdx for shopping until of course the new Hermes opens next year in Bellevue then I will be making weekly trips up, but ohh that tax.
  9. I am flexible. The 17th can work for me. The Rheinlander is open for dinner and early dinner....what is a good time so it leave everyone a window for traffic congestion problems?????
    Swiss Fondue??I am sold! This place looks really tasty.

    Monday through Thursday
    5 pm – 9 pm
    Friday 5 pm – 10 pm
    Saturday 4 pm – 10 pm
    Sunday 3:30 pm – 9 pm

    Enjoy an early dinner and save big at the Rheinlander. Offered during select hours, you will enjoy a complete meal with our famous Swiss cheese fondue.

    5035 N.E. Sandy Boulevard
    Portland, Oregon 97213
    Phone 503 288 5503

    Monday through Friday 5 pm – 6:30 pm
    Saturday 4 pm – 5:30 pm
    Sunday 3:30 pm – 5 pm
  10. We could meet for dinner at 6 if everyone could make it?
    I could do Thursday (that may be preferable actually now that I'm thinking about it), DH will be with me of course ;) But he loves H and would love to meet some of you ladies.
    DH actually introduced me to the Rheinlander, he went there all the time in German during High School...it's a fabulous place.
  11. There is also a sister restaurant called Gustavs. It's part of the Rhinelander restaurant group. One is next to Washington Square (Hwy 217/Greenburg) and another is next to Clackamas Town Center (Interstate 205/Sunnyside). Also have happy hour specials till 6pm.

    I'd like to join since I can't make the Seattle get together anymore, but I cannot get out of a Girl Scout meeting on Thursday 1/17 (I'm running the cookie lottery for open sale locations - runs just like a fantasy football draft). My one last GS obligation before I officially retire myself FOR GOOD! 7th year on the Service Team, 4 years running that whole show plus leading the neighborhood. I have no juice left. Completely drained. Envision a sorry squeezed out lemon.

    We could always get together more than once to accomodate everyone's schedules!? The more the merrier, right?
  12. I am sure we can get something where Kiley, Candace, Loren and Lisa can attend.

    So, Thursday the 17th 6pm.

    1. Loren
    2. Candace and DH
    3. Elizabeth
    4. Possibly HarleyNemma
    5. Possibly SlavetoHermes

    Slap my hand if I'm wrong....
  13. The only differences are that Gustav's is not so much a 'traditional' German experience, it's a very casual setting with basic German dishes. The Rheinlander has the accordion player going around, better decor, and slightly different dishes on the menu! :smile:

    Lisa, maybe we could do another get together before I leave or of course feel free to do it while I'm gone...then we could do it AGAIN in March! :smile:

    You can't go to the Seattle meet either? :sad:
  14. Made a reservation at 6pm.

    Reservation is under the name: Elizabeth table of 6.
  15. So, to confirm, Thursday the 17th of January, 6pm at the Rheinlander restaurant.