Portland, Oregon PCE girl's-day-out

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  1. My SA said I could "bring a friend". Any local TPF'ers want to join me? I could be opening up Pandora's box here...
  2. Hi there! You're in my hometown. Yay, Portland! :woohoo: I'd love to join you, bummer i moved to Seattle. :sad:

    BTW, it's very thoughtful of you to share!
  3. I'm in PDX and I have a PCE card (my first :yahoo:), but I'd love to shop with you anyways! I need a local girl who understands the obbession! ;)

    What store & SA do you use?
  4. No way, you're wanting a satchel, too. That's freaky. I've been tracking a brown/brown one this morning. I plan to go to Bridgeport, I think. Debbie is a sweet gal. She actually invited me a month ago, knowing I probably wouldn't get a card. I did get a card this week, which is quite bizarre, as I've only purchased a perfume solid and a Carly -- w/ my Macy's f & f coupon... Later sold the Carly on ebay, but that's another story.

    What are you planning to purchase?
  5. i desperately need some girls to go coach shopping with. my bf is a trooper and comes with me now, but i know he hates it :sad:

    my point is, i wish i lived in OR!
  6. Im not in Oregon but Im in So. Cal......anyone here with me?? Lets go shopping!!
  7. I'm in So Cal too!
  8. Let me start by saying I LOVE the satchel... but cannot bring myself to OWN the satchel. I lust after it everytime I'm in the store, but once it's in my hands, something just doesn't feel right. But I love it SO MUCH! :crybaby: Did you find your new baby?

    I don't know what I want yet. I know I want a Hamptons Weekend tote in either black or blue (I had one but my sister swiped it as a diaper bag). Other than that I don't know. I wanted a Blue Canvas Legacy, but I've yet to see if it can still be ordered or if it's outlet only now. I'd go to the outlet if they have it, but I doubt Lincold City got any. I'd even go to Seattle if I had to... but I lack the time right now (3.5 hours each way... :wtf:), unless it's mid-week and then I have no one to go with and I'm not making that drive alone.

    I love Erika at Washington Square. She's the best. If I happen to be walking past the store (the rare times I'm not going in) and she see's me, I'm dragged in there faster than you can say "New BAGS!" I've been to the other two (Bridgeport and Pioneer), but all the girls at WS are wonderful. I also heard a rumor that Clackamas might be getting one once they are done with the remodeling. If they are, I'm applying. Then the hubby can't complain when I get new bags... "Honey, they are research for work... just like that new 24" wide screen monitor was for your work research..." ;)
  9. What doesn't feel right about the satchel? I also like the brown/brown Hampton carryall and the crimson tote. I thought I would like the ergo line, but I can't keep them on my shoulder.

    Yes, Erika is great. That would be sweet if Clackamas got a store. I just ran down there last night to the Rack.
  10. I don't know... I can't explain it. There doesn't seem to be one pin-pointable thing... it's just... off. I do have the large black leather carryall too, I love it, but even empty it can get a little heavy! I thought I'd love the ergo too, but it just wasn't right either. I did notice the shoulder thing, but I think the problem for me was that the small one is too small to toss on the shoulder one handed, and the next size up just seemed a bit big. I want to give them another shot though, maybe I was just having a picky day!

    So when is the big PCE shopping day?
  11. Which local stores have Legacy? I'm eye-ing the Legacy shoulder -- because it would be under $300 w/ the discount.

    I'm also wanting to see if we could get a local SA to sell us the new fall stuff w/ the PCE. Someone here was able to get the new Carly w/ the discount.
  12. I don't think Coach has graced the PNW with any Legacy stores. If they did, it's probably in Seattle. I didn't have any luck with getting the Ergo out of anyone last time, so I don't know who might give up the fall stuff at PCE. I did, however, notice that one of the exchanges I made a few weeks later was exchanged at the full value for a more expensive bag. So basically $100 item sold for $75 took $100 off a $101+ item... does that make sense?
  13. oops! email deleted :smile:
  14. Ok I'm sending you an email right now, but you might want to edit your email address out of your post.
  15. I would love to find some local girls who understand my love for Coach. Most my friends think I am crazy to spend that much money on a purse. They spend most there money on going out and "partying". I choose to save my money and get a purse. Just dont have time to party with school and mommy duties:yahoo: