Portland, Oregon LV!

  1. Okay so I just found out OREGON has NO SALES TAX!!! (someone correct me
    if I'm wrong, I looked it up on wikipedia)

    Sales taxes in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Pioneer Place

    Has anyone shopped at the Louis Vuitton there? (Pioneer Place Mall)
    What is the selection like?

    :nuts: I want to go there now!! And do some tax free shopping!!! :yahoo:
  2. sweeeet! all the taxes from all the LVs can probably add up to buy another LV! lucky oregonians (lol is that even correct..?)...
  3. Yep, it's true, those lucky ducks!
  4. LOL that's my store! =) Yes we DON'T have tax! And we DON'T pump our own gas!! :p :yes: ;)
  5. And Beavers! =)
  6. wowzer, I think I'll tell my DH we're moving to Oregon!
  7. mine too! :smile: there's also an LV counter (and chanel, gucci, prada etc) in Saks across the street. no tax, tis true. i :heart: oregon.

    it's the only LV boutique i've ever been too, but the selection is pretty good i think? but i also never go looking for limited edition items. last time i was in i saw a few groom pieces, a fuschia charms pochette, and that tapestry bag with the chain links on it (sorry, i don't remember the name). everyone is really nice for the most part.
  8. Yeah, I have been to LV Portland. There are two LVs literally across from each other...one at Saks,,,and the other one in that mall (forgot what the name is!)
  9. Pioneer Place =)
  10. My aunt and uncle live in Lake Oswego (sp??)

    Maybe I need to take them up on their invite and come visit them...with a stop to LV, of course!! :smile:
  11. Ooops... Guess my dh and I will have to move to Oregon!
  12. everyone was really helpful at both the boutique and the lv counter at saks when i was in portland this summer.

    the selection at both is pretty good, although the layout of the boutique is a little awkward (at least IMO), but still nice enough.

    From what i was told, they were going to discontinue carrying lv footwear, but i may be wrong (i havent been since june).
  13. Minnesota is also a no sales tax state (although maybe only on certain things)...isn't Delaware too?

    I need to move to one of those states! Fortunately I live in a state with no Saks LV....so when I order for IL I don't pay tax if they ship to me :smile:
  14. Yep no tax for us! The SA's are really nice too, I was just there today :biggrin:

    I went to AZ for a week and forgot about tax when I went to the LV in Scottsdale LOL, also had an interesting time pumping my own gas...
  15. I love the LV here - it is TOO close to my work and home.
    Miki at the boutique is my SA and she helped me get my Mirior pochette, after they came out. She is wonderful, and showed me the pomme line about a week before it came out.
    No one will talk to me at Saks, so I never shop there.
    I think the footwear is gone, I noticed it was gone last time I was in, but didn't ask.
    No sales tax is great, but we have both income tax and property tax and eventually we will have a sales tax as well - it keeps coming up.