Portland OR Coach stores

  1. My husband and I are visiting his mother during the PCE. Which shop in Portland or Beaverton area would any Portlanders recommend? I would like to consolidate my time so hubby doesn't get grumpy. :yes:
  2. I would recommend the Coach store at Washington Square! They are SOOOO nice there! And it's super close to Beaverton and Portland.
  3. There's also one downtown (Pioneer Place), but the WA Sq. Aall has a lot more stores for your DH to get lost in LOL! The SAs sometimes get a little swamped there and I don't think their selection is quite as large as the one in Washington Sq. Mall.

    If the weather holds up, the new one in Bridgeport Village would be a lovely one to visit too (off of Hwy. 5).
  4. The WA Square SA's are awesome. They're opening a new, larger store there on 9/21. :smile: