Portland area Coach girls!

  1. Want to meet up for a shopping trip? I'm seriously in need of a Coach run!

    I moved here a few months ago, but I've yet to find someone who appreciates Coach as much as tPF girls do!

    It has to be sometime after the 1st, because I can't leave the house till then (broken foot). I don't care what location (Pioneer, Washington, or Bridgeport). I'm on the east side (near Troutdale). I'd even be up for a quarterly trip to the outlet in Lincoln City.

    Any takers?!?
  2. Hey Krysty - we should meet up at Pioneer or Bridgeport on a weekend. Sorry I wasn't on the board earlier. PM me if you like. I like Coach, Chloe, Chanel & and am seriously into LV at the moment. One of my friends used to work at Pioneer place and knows most of the people there and the managers so we get good dish!