1. i read in one of my magazines (FLARE i think)

    has anyone ever heard of the site www.portero.com

    described as a shoppers paradise......has anyone ever heard of it or tried it?????
  2. I've heard mixed things--they are largely authentic, but a fake or two have gotten slipped in. I don't think it was deliberate.
  3. thankyou for posting that article.....sounds very interesting!!!!
    must check it out......
  4. not good at all --horrible customer service!
  5. Portero has recently revamped their entire department and especially customer service. They have heard about some of the comments made on the PF and said that they are taking the criticism to heart to make portero so much better. Might be worth giving them a second chance!

  6. Oh dear, which fakes? I was thinking of getting something from there
  7. I've been watching Portero for several weeks, and have not been particularly impressed. Their inventory is limited, and there prices haven't been all that impressive. Just my two cents' worth!