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  1. Portero has a sale for 4 days. Enter code VDAYTEN at check out for an extra 10% off purchase. I have never purchased from them. Has anyone else?? Have read about them a good bit though. Great deal if they are trustworthy!!
    If anyone has advice about them, I would appreciate it as there is something there I might like to purchase. Thanks! Loving this forum!!
  2. I know one TPFer who has purchased from them in the past and everything went smoothly :yes:

    Thanks for sharing the code!
  3. they are very professional and the paddy I bought was in excellent condition and nicely packaged (better than described on site). They also have a good return policy so if you don't like something you can just send it back.
  4. Thanks for the input. That is so good to know. I am looking for a Chloe Edith and don't want to buy a faker. Reading this forum, it seems unscrupulous sellers are EVERYWHERE!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.