Portero Problems

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  1. I bought a bag from Portero.com and my problem started when I went to return it. First of all I didn't know the bag was coming from Japan, it was not listed in the description. But when I went to return it they said I had to ship to Japan with USPS only. I always use UPS since it's close to me and I know the guys that work there. I'm not sure how much this will cost but I'm already not happy. Will not ever buy from them again.
  2. You need to call them. Are all their items shipped from the US? What did the item description say about shipping/returns? Since this is really a general shopping thread, I am moving it to shopping.
  3. The phone they listed on the website would not work. I have 3 days to return is all the listing said. If this is their policy they should let the buyer know before the purchase not after.
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    Just dialed 877.962.2398 & they answered the phone..

    Have you tried to reach them via their customercare live chat or e-mail?

    You will also need a RMA for your return it looks like from their website..

    Sorry this happened & agree if you are buying from Portero & they have
    international dealers on their site,you should be informed of that before you complete
    the transaction..
  5. I have tried that same phone number but it won't go thru on my phone. I sent them an email but they don't answer. I only have 3 days to return so I'm going to USPS tomorrow. Buyers should be told this is an international purchase before we buy.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly that buyers should exactly where the item they are purchasing is coming from (especially international)
    & again sorry that you are having a problem reaching them.
    If you funded this purchase with a credit card, might also let your cc know what is going on & that
    you are not getting a response from Portero... You don't want that package being refused if you do not have
    an RMA number....IYKWIM
  7. Dear KY bag lady,

    We’re sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your PORTERO experience. We work hard to effectively explain an item’s description as well as where it is shipping from. On each product page, our customers will find an item’s shipping information under the shipping tab.

    Our Customer Care is available to further explain our return policies. We additionally confirmed that we are not experiencing any phone issues. We can be reached by phone, live chat or email at customercare@portero.com. If you would prefer, please message us your information privately, and we will reach out to you directly.

    We look forward to hearing from you.


    The PORTERO Team
  8. Today I shipped the bag back from USPS and met all the requirements you sent me. It cost me $92.75. My listing did not say it was an international sale and it must be returned to Japan at my expense. After I bought the bag you told me that. Do you think this makes your customer happy?
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    Is it possible OP for you to post the listing for the bag so that we can see exactly what Portero
    says in the description/shipping .Thanks

    Just looked at 2 Chanel bags at Portero & under shipping & returns said:
    ship 5 - 7 days final sale ( it does not mention where the bag is being shipped from)
    Looked at 2 Hermes bags also stating Fedex shipping w/signature & no returns
    (no mention of where the bag is shipped from)

    While the site has many bags, it would be interesting to see what the listing
    was for your bag, IYKWIM..
  11. The listing is gone and I didn't make a copy of the original - my mistake. Under shipping my listing said - return in 3 days at owner's expensive. I didn't buy from Japan, I bought from Portero, a U S company. I should be returning it to them. They sent me a list of things to do to return. If I don't get a refund they will hear from me again. My sister and my daughter are both lawyers and they want me to report this to the BBB.
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    Just saw a listing for a LV bag with : It says: Please note this item is shipping from Japan.. &continues RMA is needed, etc
    but that is not your case...

    .You should be returning it to Portero not Japan if the listing doesn't specify that.. I'd reach out to Portero again & see if they will make an accomodation
    to you. It can't hurt to ask since their listings/policy may not have been crystal clear..
    Shipping at your own expense back to Portero is one thing , shipping back to Japan is another.
    (that is what several listings that shipping is buyers expense but you were not aware it was an international return)

    I'd give Portero a chance to make this right before contacting BBB, but of course that is your
    call as I am sure you are quite upset about all of this.
  13. I only had 3 days to return so I had to mail it today. I already paid the &92.75 to return and they are not going to reimburse me. Their return policies need to be clearer to the buyer. They need to say, Japanese purchases need to be returned to Japan at owner's expensive.That is missing from their website.
  14. Because that is "missing " from their website,more reason for Portero to step up to the plate & address this matter with you.

    I'd reach out to Portero before contacting BBB, but that is me...
  15. Agree I'd see if you can at least get a refund on the shipping too